Reeves, Reuben (c1726 VA - fl 1753 VA)


Reeves, Reuben


Father: Probably George Reeves
Mother: Probably Ann Doggett

Birth: Before 1726, prob. VA
Birth Source: Head of household in 1747 tax list

Death: After 1753
Death Source: Prince William Co., VA, Order Book

Spouse1: Unknown


Reuben Reeves headed his own household at the time of the 1747 Dettingen Parish tax list, indicating he was at least 21 years old and thus born prior to June 1726.

He was listed on the 1751 Taxpayers from Elk Run and Vicinity next to a George Reeves, probably George Reeves who married Ann Doggett (Bulletin, 1923).

He is almost certainly a son of George and Ann Reeves. Ann Doggett had a younger half-brother named Reuben. The name Reuben appears frequently in the Reeves families that moved to South Carolina. The estate of Moses Reeves mentions money being spent for the education of Reuben Clanton. Reuben Clanton is thought to be a son of Jemima Clanton, who appears to have been a daughter of Moses. Reuben Reeves of Maury Co., Tennessee who came from South Carolina and is known through DNA to be related to the Prince William Reeves was likely a son of Moses or John. In addition, Reuben Reaves son of William Reeves of Bedford Co., Tennessee is also from South Carolina and is also known through DNA to be related to the Prince William Reeves family.

Reuben was still living in Prince William as late as 1753. The following items are from Prince William County court minutes (as abstracted by Charles Hamrick, Prince William Co., VA, Minute Book, 1752-1753).

p. 130 – Robert Dreghorn & Company v. Reuben Reeve
p. 139 – John Kelly v. Reuben Reeve
p. 144 – Robert Bristow v. Reuben Reeve
p. 176 – Robert Dreghorn & Co., v. Reuben Reeves, for whom James Taylor is security, mentions 1750 debt
p. 178 – John Kelly v. Reuben Reeve
p. 208 – did not find but appears to be Bristow v. Reeves,
p. 209 – Robert Bristow v. Reuben Reeves, trespass, for plaintiff,
p. 236 – John Kelly v. Reuben Reeves)

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Bulletin (Fauquier Historical Society) - 1923