Reeves, Sampson (c1823 - )

Reeves, Sampson

Reeves, Sampson


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Alcebeth Hargett

Birth: c1823, Kentucky or Tennessee
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Anna Derickson


Children of Sampson Reeves and Anna Derickson:
  1. Angelina Reeves, b. c1845
  2. Matilda A Reeves, b. 2 May 1847
  3. George W Reeves, b. c5 Sep 1850
  4. William Reeves, b. c18 Jul 1852
  5. Daniel Arthur Reeves, b. 15 Mar 1854
  6. Frances M Reeves, b. 1 May 1857 or 1858
  7. David Winchester Reeves, b. c1858
  8. Charles A Reeves, b. 11 Feb 1861
  9. Louisa Reeves, b. c1863

Samson is buried in the Gholson Cemetery in Hamilton Co., Illinois.

The biography of his son David states that Samson's was "son of George Reeves, who was a farmer of that State (Kentucky) until his removal to Jefferson County, Ill., in 1853." George names him in his will.


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