Reeves, Samuel (c1790 MD? - 1821 NC)

Reeves, Samuel

Reeves, Samuel


Father: Samuel Reeves
Mother: Mary Watson

Birth: c1790, probably Maryland
Birth Source: Estimate based upon 1800 census and date of marriage.

Death: 1821, Rowan County, North Carolina
Death Source: Probate Records and guardianship of Bennett A. Reeves

Spouse1: Catherine Coldiron, m. 20 Aug 1817 Rowan County, North Carolina


Child of Samuel Reeves and Catherine Coldiron:
  1. Bennett A. Reeves

Probate documents and guardian records filed in Rowan County in 1821 establish that Samuel Reeves, deceased, was the father of Bennett A. Reeves. There are no other children mentioned in the probate file.

Samuel "Reaves" was on the muster roll for the 6th Regiment, Rowan County, Captain Thos. Matthews, War of 1812.