Reeves, Sarena Emeline (c1819 GA - c1852 GA)

Reeves, Sarena Emeline

Reeves, Sarena Emeline


Father: Elijah Reeves
Mother: Lillie Ann Moore

Birth: c. 1819, Wilkes Co., GA
Birth Source: Estimated from marriage and census

Death: Aft. 1852, Upson Co., GA
Death Source: Estimated from birth of last known child

Spouse1: Jeremiah R. Mann, 1 December 1840, Upson Co., GA


Sarena Emeline Reeves married Jeremiah R. Mann on 1 December 1840 in Upson Co., GA; hers was one of three Reeves-Mann marriages between the children of Elijah and Lillie Reeves and those of Jeremiah and Nancy Mann. Although Sarena's name was spelled in this way on her marriage record, it also appears in the William Reeves family, where it was sometimes spelled Cyrene or Cyrena.

Jeremiah Mann served signed a guardian's bond with his wife's sister Armenia Dickinson for guardianship of her three children in 1850-1851.

Sarena is believed to have died in the early 1850s. Her youngest child was born about 1852, and her husband Jeremiah Mann remarried to Selina Hudson on 30 September 1854. Jeremiah R. Mann died about 1857.

After their deaths, the children of Sarena and Jeremiah lived with relatives in Upson County.

Known children of Sarena Emeline Reeves and Jeremiah R. Mann were:
  1. George Washington Mann, born c. 1846, Upson Co., GA. He was living with Bloomer Reeves in 1860.
  2. John A. D. Mann, born c. 1847, Upson Co., GA. He was living with Eustace Reeves in 1860.
  3. Lillie Ann Mann, born c. 1850, Upson Co., GA. She was living with Bloomer Reeves in 1860.
  4. Frances Worrell Mann, born c. 1852, Upson Co., GA. She was living with Bloomer Reeves in 1860.


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