Reeves, Serena (c. 1822 GA - ? GA)

Reeves, Serena

Reeves, Serena


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Polly Hensey

Birth: c. 1822, GA
Birth Source: Estimated

Death: Aft. 1844, GA
Death Source: Date of Marriage

Spouse1: Robert L. Willis


Guardianship records indicate that Serena was the daughter of William Reeves and Polly Hensey. Although her brothers married in Harris Co., GA, she seems to have returned to Pike Co., GA, where she married Robert L. Willis on 11 January 1844.

Serena is difficult to trace. One Robert L. Willis married Martha Hagan on 16 March 1848 in Putnam Co., GA. They were enumerated in Putnam Co., GA, in 1850, at which time he was aged 58 and Martha age 45. It is possible that he was the Robert L. Willis who married Serena Reeves in 1844 and that she had died between 1844 and 1848. Some researchers have concluded that Serena's husband was actually a son of the older Robert L. Willis, however.


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