Reeves, Squire (c1810s - )


Reeves, Squire


Father: probably James Reeves
Mother: probably Lucy Trask

Birth: c1810s
Birth Source: Census

Death: by May 1849
Death Source: Estate Administration

Spouse1: Jane J.
Spouse3: Eunice Speed, m. 7 Sep 1846, Penobscot County, Maine


Children of Squire Reeves and Jane J.:
  1. Laura Reeves, b. c1843

Children of Squire Reeves and Eunice Speed:
  1. Murville A. Reeves, b. c1848

Squire was apparently married at least twice. A deed from 1837 mentions his wife Jane J. Reeves (DB 99, p137). Jane was still his wife in 1840 when he deeded some land to a James Reeves (DB 161, p191).

Two deeds from the estate of Squire Reeves mention Eunice Reeves as the widow. In one from 1851, land is sold "being the same piece set off to Eunice Reeves aforesaid widow of Squire Reeves late of Bradford in the said County." (DB 230, p101) She is listed with two children on the 1850 census.

Since we know Eunice's age from the 1850 census, Squire's age is estimated from a male appearing in the same age bracket as his wife in the 1840 census. However, notice that Squire and Eunice were married in 1846. It appears he was married previously. In addition, there is an older man in the household in 1840 which would appear to be his likely father James Reeves.

Gorham Davis became the administrator for Squire Reeves the last Tuesday of April 1849.


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