Reeves, Stanley Boyd (1916 SC - 1988 SC)


Reeves, Stanley Boyd


Father: Henry Oscar Reeves
Mother: Mary Gertrude Crimminger

Birth: 4 Nov 1916, Heath Springs, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 8 Jun 1988, Heath Springs, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Edna Dixon Barrett, m. 4 Nov 1933, Lancaster Co., South Carolina


Children of Stanley Boyd Reeves and Edna Dixon Barrett:
  1. Stanley Jackson Reeves, Sr, b. 7 Sep 1934
  2. John Brewer Reeves
  3. Edna Sylvia Reeves
  4. Gerald Clayton Reeves
  5. Linda Ann Reeves
  6. Larry Douglas Reeves

As a young boy, Stanley went to the Flint Ridge School. Later, he went to the Heath Springs School. Stan lived next to (or with) his Grandpa Willie Crimminger during some of his teenage years, helping him with the farm. Kids would tie an inner tube from a tire to the fence, making a sling-shot, and shoot rocks at Grandpa Willie’s Cows. Stan’s Dad, Oscar wanted him to work in the fields instead of going to school. The school offered to let him skip a grade so that he would be with the kids his age after being out of school. Once, when Stan decided he was big enough to go to a party, Oscar told him, “If you’re big enough to go to the party tonight, you’re big enough to go to the field tomorrow.” He went to the party and the very next day was taken out of school. Once, Stan had to deliver Willie’s produce to costumers in Lancaster while Willie was sick. The horse that he used was accustomed to the trip and guided Stan to each of the costumer’s houses without Stan knowing who they were. Any time he went alone to Lancaster, Stan was afraid that the train might spook the horse.

By 17 years, Stan had moved in with his brother Bill and was working in the mill. About six months later, in November of 1933, he married Edna Barrett. Previous to their marriage, Stan would visit Edna any time he could, even though the distance was a long walk. After their marriage, they moved into the Rob Neal place in Flint Ridge. From age 17-20, Stan moved several times.

Stan’s farm was not doing well, so he got a job at a mill in Kershaw. He went to Loom School and later became a Loom Fixer. He began teaching loom school after 20 years in the mill. The teaching sessions would last for 8 weeks, the classes taking several hours in the morning. He did this whenever the mill needed more loom fixers. Stan went from loom fixer to assistant overseer to style change coordinator. He worked a total of 42 years at the mill, retiring at 62 in 1978.


Birth:        Obituary, The Lancaster News, 19 June 1988
                   Headstone, Oakhurst Baptist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Death:        Obituary, The Lancaster News, 19 June 1988
                   Headstone, Oakhurst Baptist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina