Reeves, Thomas (c1640 LIN - 1670 VA)

Reeves, Thomas

Reeves, Thomas


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1640, Lincoln or Lincolnshire, UK
Birth Source:

Death: before 15 Oct 1670, Middlesex County, Virginia
Death Source: Middlesex County Estate Records¹

Spouse1: Mary MNU


On 7 January 1666, John Appleton of Westmoreland County conveyed to Thomas Reeves of Lancaster County, planter, 1000 acres on the north side of the Pianketank River joining John Jackson. Robert Beverley — a leading citizen in that part of Lancaster County that became Middlesex — witnessed the transaction, as did George Reeve. (Beverly Fleet, Lancaster Co., VA, Orders & Deeds, 1656-1660, Series 2, Volume 2.)

From the parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia - Mary, wife to Tho. Reenes (sic Reeves) and her son were buried in the alley near her pew, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, November 27, 1669.

On 15 Oct 1670, Mr. Francis Reeve, "brother and heire of Mr. Thomas Reeve decd" was made administrator of Thomas Reeve's estate.¹

The Governor and Council as Court, 1674 found: "Mr. James Minge and Mr. Joseph Chipp being Appointed to Audite the Accounts of Mr. George Reeves Administrator of Thomas and Francis Reeves Against their Estates who have Returned their Report under their hands to this Court that they find the Said George Reeves hath paid Beyond Assetts, It is therefore ordered the Said Mr. George Reeves have A Quietas Est." Note: Appears to be Middlesex. Chipp estate in Middlesex County in 1677.


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