Reeves, Thomas (c1776 VA - 1846 IA)


Reeves, Thomas


Father: Elijah Reeves
Mother: Margaret "Peggy"

Birth: c1776 Virginia
Birth Source: Estimate from Census

Death: 1846, Washington County, Iowa
Death Source: Will Book B, Page 145

Spouse1: Mary Feurt
Spouse2: Mary (Polly) Hoskinson, m. 5 Jan 1822 in Scioto County, Ohio


Children of Thomas Reeves and Mary Feurt:
  1. Delilah Reeves, m. Henry Harman on 16 Oct 1818, Scioto County, Ohio
  2. Joseph Reeves, b. c1805
  3. Jane Reeves, b. c1812, d. c1839, m. Nicholas Friend on 12 Jan 1832 in Delaware County, Indiana
  4. Susannah Reeves, b. 20 Apr 1809
  5. Elijah Thomas Reeves, b. c6 Aug 1812
  6. Mary M. Reeves, b. 1817, m. Montgomery McCall Crouch on 25 Jun 1837, Delaware County, Indiana
Children of Thomas Reeves and Mary Hoskinson:
  1. John S. Reeves, b. 1826
  2. Margaret Reeves

Thomas had moved to Scioto County, Ohio by late 1817 when he bought land from George Turner and Berryman McLaughlin. In 1823, Thomas and Polly sold land to their son Joseph.

In Scioto County, Ohio, the August Term of 1819 Court of Common Pleas records a lawsuit by siblings of George Feurt, against another brother Gabriel Feurt. Listed in that document are the above children (with the exception of Delilah who had married), heirs of Mary Feurt Reeves, had died earlier that same year. Also named is Thomas Reeves, their father and natural guardian.

Although Delilah had married prior to this court case and was not named in the Feurt lawsuit, she is in the probate documents of Thomas Reeves' estate of 1846 in Washington County, Iowa.

There is an 1817 deed in Fleming County naming "all the lawful heirs of Elijah Reeves, deceased" including Spencer Reeves, Elijah Reeves, Benjamin Reeves, William Roys (Rice) and Elizabeth his wife, Peggy Reeves, Rody Reeves, Thomas Reeves, Anthony Worley and Jenny his wife, all of Fleming County Kentucky except Thomas Reeves and Anthony Worley and his wife of Ohio.


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Much of this information is from the research of Leslie Lewis at http://leslielewis.net/.