Reeves, Timothy (1821 NC - 1885 MO)


Reeves, Timothy


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Anne Terrell

Birth: 28 Apr 1821, Ashe County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Census and Missouri Death Record

Death: 10 Mar 1885, Ripley County, Missouri
Death Source: Missouri Death Record, Burial - Reeves Farm

Spouse1: Mary Thomas, m. c1843
Spouse2: Angeala Hickson, m. 31 Jan 1853 in Ripley County, Missouri
Spouse3: Mrs. Margaret MNU Hammon, m. before 1860
Spouse4: Mrs. Adeline Chilton Brown, m. 11 Oct 1867 in Carter County, Missouri


Timothy Reeves (his signature was always written Reves) commanded the 15th Missouri Cavalry Regiment and was one of the best known of the confederate officers of the Ripley County area of southern Missouri. He led a company of Independent Scouts that acted as a Ripley County home guard unit. In 1863, Timothy Reeves was promoted to Colonel and given command of the 15th Missouri Cavalry and integrated his Scouts into that regiment.

He was present and had preached at the gathering held on 25 December 1863 at Pulliam's Farm in Ripley County that is recalled as "The Wilson Massacre". Union forces under Major James F. Wilson made a surprise attack during a Christmas dinner gathering killing 35 confederate soldiers along with 60 civilians including women and children. Col. Timothy Reeves is said to have commanded the Confederate forces who began reprisals against the union forces which culminated in the hanging of Major Wilson.

In an 1863 letter written from then Capt. Timothy Reeves to Brig. Gen. Marmaduke he is shown to be surprisingly articulate and well educated considering that most of his life had been spent in frontier communities.

Following the Civil War, Timothy Reeves was active in the area of Ripley, Butler and Carter counties of Missouri as a Baptist Minister. In both the 1860 census of Ripley County and 1870 of Carter County, his occupation is stated as Baptist Minister.

Children of Timothy Reeves and Mary Thomas:
  1. Wesley McDonald Reeves, b. 1844
  2. Mary Ann Reeves, b. 1847
  3. Hetty Reeves, b. 1848, d. before 1860
  4. William Reeves, b. 1851
Child of Timothy Reeves and Angeala Hickson:
  1. Missouri Reeves, b. 13 Apr 1853, m. William Emmons on 24 Mar 1872 in Carter County, Missouri
Child of Timothy and Margaret Reeves:
  1. Theodocia Reeves, b. 1863, m. Samuel M. Long on 28 Apr 1881 in Carter County, Missouri
Theodocia would appear to be a daughter of Timothy Reeves and his second third wife Margaret. She was living with Margaret Hammon's daughter Mary E. Hammon Long's household in 1870 in Carter County, Missouri. Margaret was apparently deceased and Timothy had remarried Mrs. Adeline Brown. Oddly, Timothy Reeves' will mentions "Dochi" Long but only leaves five dollars to her. There is no clarification as to why she was treated differently than other heirs.

Will of Timothy Reves
Ripley County, Missouri
16 Feb 188-

Now (sic Know) all men by these presents that I, Timothy Reves of county and state above mentioned, being of sane mind and knowing of my enfeebled condition physically, and that I am liable at any time to pass away, do in the presence of the witnesses hereunto attached make this my last will and testament as follows to wit: First all my --- debts must be paid from moneys obtained from the sale of my personal property. Second, having deeded to my son Wesley McDonald Reves, deceased, all my real estate lying in Ripley county, and described more fully by deeds recorded, also 100 acres on Coon Island in Butler county, Mo. described by deed and recored (sic) in Poplar Bluff, all of which will descent to Elizabeth Reves and Victoria Reves, heirs of said Wesley M. Reves all of which I desire they should have and hold. I also deeded to my daughter, Missouri Emmons, deceased, 100 acres on Coon Island described by deed and duly recorded, which will fall to John T. Emmons, her only heir.

The remainder of my real estate lying in Butler County, State of Mo., I wish to be equally divided between the heirs of my deceased son William Reves and the heir of Missouri Emmons (Jno. T. Emmons). The 100 acres deeded to said heir of Missouri Emmons, he the said heir to be charged with it in making the division equitable.

To "Dochi" Long the wife of Dick Long, I will and bequeath the sum of five dollars ($5.00) and order my executor to pay to said "Dochi" Long, the said amount as her portion of my estate. My personal property at my death I wish to be sold and the proceeds divided between the heirs of William Reves, Missouri Emmons, and the heirs of W. M. Reves, equally, as it is my full desire that my grand children share equally in the benefits of my estate.

My personal property after the expenses of the administration are paid and a suitable monument placed at the head of my grave, shall be equally divided between my grand children whose names are above and here give to wit: Elizabeth Reves, Victoria Reves, John T. Emmons, Azalee Reves, and Samuel Reves.

To carry out the provisions of this instrument I hereby give to my executor --- to sell privately, enough personal property to defray all expenses in the caring for, collecting, and handling of the stock, etc.

Having had possession of the Ripley County real estate of Wesley M. Reves for the past three years to date, I have made improvements to over balance the rents. The improvements consist in having cleared fifty acres of land, built a barn, and an additional dwelling house, railing a garden etc.

I do hereby appoint William C. Emmons of Ripley Co., Mo. as my sole executor, enjoining upon him to carry out all the provisions of this my last will and Testament. In attest of the sincerity of this my full and voluntary act, I hereby in the presence of these witnesses affix my name the day and date mentioned above.

                                                            Timothy Reves

Geo. M. Martin
Boas (sic?) Roberts
J. N. Gigluex (sic?)

State of Missouri
County of Ripley
Personally appeared before me a judge and (sic) clerk of the Probate court within and for the county of Ripley and state of Missouri Geo. M. Martin and J. M. (sic) and (sic) whose names appear to the forgoing last will and testament of Timothy Reeves deceased and say in their oath that they were called upon by the said Timothy Reeves in his life when in his right mind to witness the forgoing instrument as his last will and testament and they depose and say that the said testator Timothy Reeves subscribed the same in their presence and published the said will or instrument of writing as his last will. That the said testator was at the time of publishing the same of sound mind and more than twenty one years of age.

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