Reeves, Walter C. (c1807 VA - 1872 VA)

Walter C. Reeves

Reeves, Walter C.


Father: possibly James Reeves, John U. Reeves
Mother: Winifred MNU

Birth: 1809, Prince William County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1850 Census gives DOB as 1809 but death record lists DOB as 1794.

Death: 11 Oct 1872, Loudoun County, Virginia
Death Source: Death Record

Spouse1: Nancy Ann MNU, m. c1828


Children of Walter C. Reeves and Nancy were:
  1. Louisa Jane Reeves, b. 1829, m. Charles William Peacock on 19 Mar 1851
  2. Julia A. Reeves, b. Mar 1834, m. Columbus Walters
  3. Charlotte Reeves, b. 1839, m. George Reeves (Cousin?)
  4. John F. Reeves, b. 1841, d. 14 Apr 1888. m1 Mary Dailey on 18 Sep 1866, m2 Lydia C. Vertz on 1 Sep 1873
  5. Frances C. Reeves, b. 1844, m. William Ellmore
  6. Mary E. Reeves, b. 1845, m1 Unknown Hayes, m2 Hyrocles Reeves on 7 Apr 1873
  7. William Walter Reeves, b. 1849, m. Mary Ann Fry on 11 Mar 1874
Walter Reeves is first listed on the 1830 census of Prince William County and his age is given as 20 to 29. In that same census in addition to the family of Hezekiah H. Reeves who had moved to Prince William from Charles County, Maryland, there were two unidentified James Reeves. One of those was probably previously theorized as the father of Walter. The older James Reeves was 40-49 years old with two male children under 14, 6 female children under 19 and a 30-39 year old wife in his household. James appears to have died before the 1840 census because he is listed in no further records in the area. However, recent research of the tax records of Prince William County don't support either James Reeves as a possible parent for Walter C Reeves.

At the time Walter would have been listed as a tithe of his father, i.e. age 16 to 21 or 1823-25 to 1828-1830, the only one of the Reeves' males in PWC who lists more than one white male tithe over 16 years of age is John U. Reeves who has 3 tithes starting in 1826. It is noted that the 3 tithes are John and 2 sons but the sons aren't named. In 1827, John U. Reeves only shows 2 tithes and in 1828 he is listed again with 2 tithes and Walter, now 21, is listed as the head of his own household.

In the 1840 census of Prince William County, for the first time, a widow, Winifred Reeves, 50-59 years of age, who may be was previously believed to be the widow of James Reeves and mother of Walter has been discovered to be the wife of John U. Reeves. She is listed with two male children 15-19 and a female 10-14. By the 1850 census Winifred is listed with only her 36 years old son William living in the household and she is shown with a DOB of 1786 which is fairly consistent with other census.

There was a Chancery Case styled Benjamin O. Tayloe (Taylor) vs. John U. Reeves et al circa 1838 that appears to be in reference to bonds by James Reeves, John U. Reeves, Wat Reeves (sic Walter) and Winney Reeves concerning the estate of John Tayloe III of Richmond County. The 1842 final decree was recorded in Prince William County but currently the details of the original case have not been found. The bonds appear to be in relation to an agreement between John U. Reeves and Benjamin O. Tayloe as executor of the estate of John Tayloe III. The fact that Walter Reeves is included with other members of the family of John U. Reeves further establishes a family relationship and is another piece of inferential data proving that John U. Reeves was his father.

John U. Reeves and Winifred appear to have separated after 1830 for he executed a deed to his brother Thomas I. Reeves from Knox County, Ohio in 1841 and in all the subsequent census, 1840, 1850 and 1860, Winifred is the head of household. This initially seems to suggest that John U. Reeves died circa 1841 but PWC probate records show his will having been presented for probate in July of 1861 with his death occurring in May of 1860. In that will he does not name Winifred or any of his own children. The only legatees are the children of a Mary Savage whose relationship is unstated.

Walter Reeves was a Cooper by trade according to the 1860 census for the Broad Run District of Loudoun County, Virginia.

As a further confirmation of the family connection between Walter C. Reeves and the family of John U. Reeves, son of Hezekiah H. Reeves, the Y-DNA of a descendant of Walter Reeves has matched that of three other participants in the Reeves DNA Project who descend from this Reeves' family of southern Maryland who are descendants of Upgate Reeves.

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