Reeves, Hezekiah Hornitt (c1760 MD - c1840 VA)


Reeves, Hezekiah Hornitt


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Margaret Robey

Birth: 1770, Charles County, Maryland
Birth Source: 1777 will of Thomas Reeves

Death: before 1840, Prince William County, Virginia
Death Source: Wife widowed and HOH in 1840 Census of Prince William County VA

Spouse1: Lavinia "Vienne" MNU


Children of Hezekiah H. Reeves and Lavinia MNU:
  1. John U. Reeves, b. 1785
  2. Courtney Reeves, b. c1790, m. Cordelia Coulter (of Fairfax County) on 7 Dec 1826
  3. Thomas Reeves, b. 1795, m. Eliza Shaw on 16 Mar 1820
  4. James Reeves, c1795, m. Theodocia Hopkins on 19 Dec 1822
  5. Hiram Reeves, b. 20 Aug 1801
  6. Hezekiah W. Reeves, b. 1807
  7. William J. Reeves, b. 1809, d. 10 Nov 1894, m. Jane Pearson
In an 1841 conveyance from John U. Reeves to Thomas I. Reeves, John sold all of his interest in Hezekiah H. Reeves Estate to his brother Thomas I. Reeves. The deed was written and first recorded in Knox County, Ohio but was later recorded in Prince William County as well at the same time the other children were selling their portions of the dower after Hezekiah's widow's death. In Prince William County, Virginia Deeds of 1850, Hezekiah W. Reeves sold to Courtney Reeves his interest in the dower portion of his father's land and William J. Reeves sold likewise to Courtney Reeves, his interest in land in PW on Crooked Branch known as "Priest Mill", the dower of Lavinia Reeves (widow of Hezekiah H. Reeves). [PWC DB21 p404-405]

Hezekiah Hornitt Reeves received a yearling as a legacy from his grandfather, Thomas Reeves, in his 1777 will.

Although Hezekiah Hornitt Reeves was previously believed to be the son of Hezekiah Reeves, the records of the estate of Joseph Padgett name Hezekiah H. Reeves and Thomas I. Reeves as the children of James Reeves. From Charles County, Maryland Orphan's Court Proceedings 1812 to 1814, Page 260-264.

Hezekiah Reeves was not recorded as a resident of Prince William County by the 1800 census, but he participated in a poll of the voters for elections to choose a president and vice president of the United States taken at the court house in Prince William County on the 5th of November 1804.

By the time the 1810 census was taken, he was counted in Prince William County, Virginia. On 4 Apr 1810, he was a witness to a deed between Moses Lynn and Phillip D. Dawe in Prince William County.

On the 8th of June, 1819, Hezekiah H. Reeves, a resident of Prince William County, apprenticed his son Hiram to Lewis Dickerson of Stafford County. Hiram, then 19 years of age was to be apprenticed to learn the trade of carpenter and joiner until his 21st birthday which was stated as the 20th of August 1822. [PWC DB:7 p:202-203]

Thereafter, he was recorded in the census of 1820 and 1830 in Prince William County. He appears to have been deceased before 1840 as he is not recorded in the census of that year. Lavinia Reeves is listed as a widow 60-70 in the 1840 census of Prince William County. By 1850, Lavina was deceased for her dower portion of Hezekiah's estate had been distributed to their children.


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