Reeves, William John (1809 VA - 1894 VA)


Reeves, William John


Father: Hezekiah Hornitt Reeves
Mother: Lavinia "Vienne" MNU

Birth: 1809, Virginia
Birth Source: Census and Gravestone

Death: 10 Nov 1894, Prince William County, Virginia
Death Source: Gravestone in Oak Dale Baptist Church Cemetery

Spouse1: Catherine Wering, m. c1833 (undocumented)
Spouse2: Jane Pearson, m. 24 Nov 1839 in District of Columbia


Children of William J. Reeves and Catherine Wering:
  1. Leroy Reeves, b. 1836
  2. Robert Randolph Reeves, b. 1838
Children of William J. Reeves and Jane Pearson:
  1. Susan Reeves, b. 1842
  2. George Cumberland Reeves, b. 1843
  3. Lycurgus Reeves, b. 1844
  4. William G. Reeves, b. 1845
  5. Laura V. Reeves, b. 1848
  6. Catherine Reeves, b. 1849
  7. John A. W. Reeves, b. 1851
  8. Henry W. Reeves, b. 1852
  9. James R. Reeves, b. 1855
  10. Julia Reeves, b. 1860

From Prince William County Court Orders on October 7th 1844 (pg 143) - William J. Reeves is appointed surveyor of the road in the room of Courtney Reeves and ordered to be recorded.

Prince William County, Virginia Deed of 1850 -William J. Reeves to Courtney Reeves, his interest in land in PW on Crooked Branch known as "Priest Mill", as dower of Lavinia Reeves (widow of Hezekiah H. Reeves). {PWLR:21:404}
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