Reeves, Hezekiah W. (1807 VA - ?)


Reeves, Hezekiah W.


Father: Hezekiah Hornitt Reeves
Mother: Lavinia "Vienne" MNU

Birth: 1807, Prince William County, Virginia
Birth Source: Census

Death: After 1850
Death Source:

Spouse1: Probably Lydia "Liddy" Crouch


Hezekiah Reeves and wife Liddy are included as legatees in a chancery suit by the widow Margaret Fairfax and the heirs and legatees of Hezekiah Fairfax against the administrator of the estate and Thomson Fairfax. It is unclear how Liddy was related to Hezekiah Fairfax because she is not listed as one of his children in various sources. She was apparently his grandchild, probably through Hezekiah's daughter Nancy Fairfax who married Joseph Crouch. In various recorded documents pertaining to this estate, Hezekiah Reeves and his wife Liddy were listed as legatees of a 1/48th share along with other children of Nancy Fairfax Crouch, deceased, who were to receive a 1/48th share.

In the 1850 census, Hezekiah is listed as a carpenter living in the household of Mary E. Hampton and her children who were next neighbors to Thomson Fairfax.


Administrator of Hezekiah Fairfax vs Margaret Fairfax et al in Chancery, Prince William County VA
1840 Census - Eastern District, Prince William County, Virginia
1850 Census - Prince William County, Virginia

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