Reeves, William (c1740 ? - c1810 KY ?)

William Reeves

Reeves, William


Father: Unknown

Birth: c1740
Birth Source: Estimated based upon his being an adult with male child over 16 in 1790 census.

Death: c1810, probably Christian County, Kentucky
Death Source:

Spouse1: Possibly Mary Woolf, daughter of Poter (sic Peter?) Woolf


The Second Census of Kentucky lists a William Reeves and a "William Reeves, Jr." in Christian County in 1800. It is unknown whether the term "Jr." indicates that individual was the son of the other, or as was common at that time, the Jr. is just used to differentiate between an older and a younger person of the same name.

Probable children of William Reeves, Sr.:
  1. John Reeves
  2. James Reeves
  3. William Reaves
This individual is likely the older of the two William Reaves recorded in the 1790 census of Spartanburg County, South Carolina. John and James Reeves who also appear in the 1800 Second Census of Kentucky are linked to the Greensville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. All of these Reeves' individuals in addition to the younger William Reaves recorded in the 1790 Spartanburg census and the 1800 Christian County, Kentucky census are probably of the same family. All were recorded in the Greensville/Spartanburg area in 1790 but never again appear in a census of that area. There were numerous individuals from that area of South Carolina with connections to the Reeves family, i.e. members of the family of George Woolf who named Reeves' nephews in his 1812 will, who migrated to Christian County, Kentucky at the same time.

Spartanburg County, South Carolina deeds compiled by Gerald Witt:

Page 176-Deed Book F, page 398-400-Mar. 30, 1793 Mathew Harper (Spartanburgh) to William Reeves, Sr. (same); for £150 sold 200 acres on both sides of South Fork of Pacolet River; where William Reeves lives; border; NW & SE-remainder of grant, SW-Samuel Fowler and NE-William McClure; part of grant to Joseph White then in North Carolina and granted again Feb. 3, 1775 Gov. William Bull to Mathew Harper, Sr. Witness: John Reeves and Jacob Fleming. Signed Mathew Harper. Wit: oath Sept. 22, 1795 John Reeves to James Hopper. Recorded: Dec. 30, 1799

Page 177-Deed Book F, Page 401-402-Aug 19, 1795-William Reeves (Spartanburgh) to James Smith (same); for £100 sold 200 acres on both sides of S fork of Pacolet River; border: NW & SE-remainder of grant, SW-Samuel Fowler, and SE-William McClure; where William Reeves lives; part of grant to Joseph White then in North Carolina and granted “again” Feb 3. 1775 Gov. William Bull to Mathew Harper, Sr. Witness: John McGuyne, Thomas Alexander and James Reeves. Signed William Reeve’ mark. Wit: oath Nov 30 1795 John McGuyne to James Hooper. Recorded: Dec 30, 1799.

From Spartanburg County/District South Carolina, Deed Abstracts Book A-T (1785-1827) by Albert Bruce Pruitt

This may also be the William Reeves recorded in Washington County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes:
  • Reeves, William. Was certified to the county Court of Frederick in Commonwealth of Virginia to be a man of peaceable and honest behavior and that his wife, Mary Reeves, is the daughter of Poter Wolf, Dec'd, who formerly lived in Commonwealth of VA. Was TN Co Ct Min 1/144. (This entry is NOT dated)
  • Reeves, William. 28 Aug 1778 took oath of allegiance. Was TN, Co Ct Mins 1/47.
Please note - this is currently based upon speculation and is not documented!


1793 Deed - Mathew Harper to William Reeves Senr - Spartanburg County, SC Deed Book F, p398