Reeves, William (c1775 NC - ? KY)

William Reeves

Reeves, William


Father: possibly William Reeves

Birth: c1775, probably North Carolina
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Death: Unknown
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Spouse1: Susan Hunter, m. c1793


Known children of William Reeves and Susan Hunter:
  1. Jane Reeves, b. 16 Apr 1799 Christian County, Kentucky; m. John B Wilson on 14 Nov 1816 in Missouri
  2. Henry E. Reeves, b. 1804 Kentucky
Above children are documented in Dawes Commission Application c1896/98 of Larkin C. Wilson, son of Jane Reeves Wilson.

Other possible children:
  1. James Reeves, b. 11 Feb 1794 North Carolina, d. Hempstead, Arkansas, m. Susan Heath
  2. Rebecca Reeves, b. 1807 Kentucky, m1. Charles Bell, m2. Charles Miller in Hempstead, Arkansas
  3. Green B Reeves, b. 8 Jan 1809 Kentucky, m. Jane Johnson
  4. Clarinda "Clara" Reeves, b. c1809/10 Kentucky; m. Jesse Knox
Former President Bill Clinton is a descendant of this couple, through their daughter Jane Reaves who married John B. Wilson.

Source: Will Johnson, wjhonson at aol.com, Professional Genealogist

The Second Census of Kentucky lists a William Reeves and a "William Reeves, Jr." in Christian County in 1800. It is unknown whether the term "Jr." indicates that individual was the son of the other, or as was common at that time, the Jr. is just used to differentiate between an older and a younger person of the same name.

This individual is likely the younger of the two William Reaves recorded in the 1790 census of Spartanburg County, South Carolina. John and James Reeves who also appear in the 1800 Second Census of Kentucky are linked to the Greensville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. All of these Reeves' individuals in addition to the older William Reaves recorded in the 1790 Spartanburg census and the 1800 Christian County, Kentucky census are probably of the same family. All were recorded in the Greensville/Spartanburg area in 1790 but never again appear in a census of that area. There were numerous individuals from that area of South Carolina with connections to the Reeves family, i.e. members of the family of George Woolf who named Reeves' nephews in his 1812 will, who migrated to Christian County, Kentucky at the same.

Note: A descendant of Green B. Reeves, Johnie Lee Reeves, is a participant in the Reeves DNA Project and has been placed in DNA Group 4.


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1800 - Second Census of Kentucky, Christian County