Reeves, William (c1790 VA - ?)

William Reeves

Reeves, William


Father: Jesse Reeves
Mother: Obedience Elizabeth "Biddy" Terrell

Birth: between 1790 and 1800, before 1794.
Birth Source: Listed on 1815 tax list of Ashe NC which indicates he was an adult and at least 21 years of age.

Death: Unknown
Death Source:

Spouse1: Unknown


Other than a mention of William in the chancery case filed by the heirs of Biddie Reeves against James Cox, the only mention of him thus far is a listing on the 1815 tax list of Ashe County with 30 acres. This must be the younger William Reeves in those tax lists because William Reeves, brother of Jesse Reeves, is listed separately with 1850 acres.

Research Notes

A chancery case filed in Wythe District, Virginia by the heirs of Biddy Reves against James Cox names the heirs of Jesse and Obedience "Biddy" Reeves as follows: George Reeves, William, Hanner, Nancy, and Betsy as legatees.

This document appears to establish that the unknown son of Jesse, born before 1800, as listed on the census of that year, was the previously unknown son William. My initial thought when the receipt mentioned "William, Hanner" along with Jesse's heirs was that it could have referred to Jesse's brother William and possibly his wife Anna (herself another Terrell heir) with her name misspelled; however, the additional document in the Grayson County Court Orders V2 which identifies Hannah as the wife of John M. Burton, disproves any such theory.

There is currently no documentation to verify a connection, but this individual may be the father of William Reeves whose parents are currently unidentified.


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1810 Census - Ashe County, North Carolina (HOH Jesse Reeves)
1815 Tax List - Ashe County, North Carolina
Grayson VA Court Order Book Vol 2, page 596, original scanned document at Library of Virginia Chancery Case Index
Chancery - Terrell Heirs vs Cox

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