Reeves, Zachariah (c1757 NC - c1833 NC)

Zachariah Reeves

Reeves, Zachariah



Birth: c1757, Halifax County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1819 Revolutionary War Pension #S41973 Statement and 1826 Statement of Sherwood Fort that they were boys together in Halifax County, North Carolina.

Death: after May 1833, Cumberland County, North Carolina
Death Source: Statement given for RW pension application in May 1833.

Spouse1: Deborah, b. c1761 (RW pension statement of 1818 lists age as 57)


In his RW pension statement of 1819, Zachariah Reeves states that he is 62 years old and that he enlisted in the spring of 1775 at Elizabethtown in Bladen County, North Carolina. He was a Private under Capt. Thomas Allen for nine months. In 1776, he re-enlisted for 2-1/2 years and made a Sergeant under Capt. Griffith John McRee (6th NC Regiment). Discharged early in 1777 at Wilmington, NC due to illness. Later in NC Militia. See complete pension statement at Southern Campaign.

That pension statement names the following children:
  1. James Reeves, b. c1802
  2. Elizabeth Ann Reeves, b. c1806, m. Joseph Pebworth on 7 Sep 1824
Since this is the only Reeves family living in Cumberland County at this time, these appear to be children of Zachariah & Deborah Reeves in addition to James and Elizabeth but there is no documentation -
  1. Molsey Reeves, b. c1790, m. Daniel Atkinson on 9 Sep 1809
  2. Sarah Ann Reeves, b. c1793, m. Thomas Bone on 14 Jul 1810
  3. Nancy Reeves, b. c1798, m. John Atkinson on 3 Mar 1820
  4. Nathaniel Reeves, b. c1795, m. Flora McEachern on 17 Feb 1829
  5. David Reeves, b. c1800, m. Sarah Ann Smith on 9 May 1825
  6. Zachariah Reeves, b. c1810, m. Rebecca Holden on 5 Mar 1836

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