Reeves, Zebediah (1842 TN - ? ?)

Zebediah Reeves

Reeves, Zebediah


Father: Asa Reeves
Mother: Charity Baker

Birth: c1842 (conflicting dates in historical records)
Birth Source: census

Death Source:



Research Notes

There are no records for Zebediah Reeves after he joined the Confederate forces in Arkansas in 1862 but there are records of a Zebediah Reeves who served in the Union army with a Missouri company who may be the same individual. It also significant that the descendant of a Zebedee or Zebediah Reeves is a Y-DNA match to descendants of Peter Reeves and other members of this family. The Civil War pension records of Zebedee Reaves of Whitley County KY indicate that he served in that same company of the 16th Missouri Cavalry. That Zebediah Reeves information is somewhat similar to that recorded for Asa Reeves' son Zebediah who disappeared from Arkansas during the Civil War.

The Confederate forces are known to have forcably conscripted many Arkansas residents including some members of this Reeves family so it is possible that Zebediah could have served in the CSA due to having been conscripted and later was able to free himself and join the Union forces although this is undocumented and at present merely a theory.

The ancestor of that DNA donor appeared in Whitley County, Kentucky after the Civil War and records there indicate he was born in Missouri around the same time as Zebediah, son of Asa Reeves. Searcy County, Arkansas is in close proximity to the border of Arkansas and Missouri. Y-DNA and geography both point to this individual being Zebedee Reaves of Whitley County, Kentucky..


1840 Census - Searcy County, Arkansas
1850 Census - Bear Creek, Searcy County, Arkansas
1860 Census - Tomahawk, Searcy County, Arkansas
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