Rieves, Joel (bef 1795 SC - 1819 TN)

Rieves, Joel

Rieves, Joel


Father: Reuben Reeves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: before 1795, South Carolina
Birth Source: Estate File of Reuben Reeves, age estimated

Death: 1819, Maury County, Tennessee
Death Source: Maury County Probate Records, Deed regarding Estate of Joel Reeves, DB P, p. 380

Spouse1: Sarah


Child of Joel Rieves and Sarah:
  1. George Washington Rieves or Rives, b. 1811

Joel Reeves bought 238 acres from Henry G. Kearney in 1812. This appears to be the only time he received any land. He appears in a number of early Maury County Tax lists from 1809-1818. In 1825, "Joel Reeves heirs" is listed in Looney's Justice in the Maury County tax list.

Joel Rieves was the administrator of his father Reuben Reeves' estate and appears to have died in 1819 in the course of settling the estate.

Maury County TN Probate
Wills & Settlements, Book C p. 439
Inventory of estate of Joel Rieves, deceased, taken 22 Jan 1819. Bonds on Coleman & Caruthers; John Love; Elijah Rieves, Derile Bridges.

Although there was no will recorded for Joel Reeves or Rieves, there is a deed dividing the negroes of Joel Reeves' estate which names his only surviving child as George W. Reaves (sic). That deed also conveys several of the slaves to a William P. Smith, husband of the former Sally Reaves (sic). This Sally was previously believed to be a child of Reuben Reeves and sister to Joel; however, this deed seems to indicate that Sally was instead Joel's widow who married William P. Smith after his death.

Joel Reeves's name appears on a petition to the General Assembly of Tennessee to change the names of Anderson & Giles Counties to that of Pike & Lawrence.


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