Rives, Augustin Green (1891 TX - )

Rives, Augustin Green

Rives, Augustin Green


Father: Green Smith Rives
Mother: Sallie McMurty

Birth: 27 Nov 1891, Liberty, Texas
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Florine Louisa Ingram


Children of Augustin Green Rives and Florine Louisa Ingram:
  1. Sallie Florine Rives, b. 5 Sep 1921
  2. Tressie Marguerite Rives, b. 13 Sep 1923

Reliques notes Augustin Green Rives was born November 27, 1891, at Liberty, Texas, and is now engaged in farming there. He was inducted into military service on September 3, 1918, serving as a private with the Flying School of the Army in Texas until his discharge March 15, 1919.


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