Rives, Claudius Green (1856 - )

Rives, Claudius Green

Rives, Claudius Green


Father: George Wyche Rives
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Carter

Birth: 22 July 1856
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Mary Lane Williams, m. 22 Sep 1885


Children of Claudius Green Rives and Mary Lane Williams:
  1. George Tompkies Rives, b. 7 Nov 1886
  2. Claudius Green Rives, b. 26 Jan 1889
  3. Mai Williams Rives, b. 28 Nov 1891
  4. Nathan Lane Rives, b. 22 Feb 1895
  5. Felix McWillie Rives, b. 4 Jan 1897
  6. Glenn Carter Rives, b. 17 June 1899
  7. Lucy Rives, b. 4 Jan 1906

From Reliques of the Rives:
Claudius Green Rives, now residing at 600 Egan St., Shreveport, La., and to whom I am greatly indebted for valued aid and encouragement in the collection of material for this work, was born July 22, 1856. He was brought up by his mother in De Soto Parish, La., removing in 1865 to Shreveport. In 1872 he commenced work as a "cub pilot" and clerk on a steamboat plying between Shreveport and New Orleans, and later was engaged as a bank runner, bookkeeper and clerk. Since 191 5 he has been a public accountant. Mr. C. G. Rives has taken a prominent part in the civic affairs of his community. He was elected a Councilman in 1898, City Auditor in 1900, and City Comptroller in 1902, serving in the lastnamed office until 1910 when, upon a change to a commission form of government by the city of Shreveport, he was made Commissioner of Accounts and Finances. This office he held until 1914 when he was defeated for re-election. From 1900 to 1904 he served as an elective member of the police jury (county commission) of Caddo Parish, La., and during the incumbency of this office introduced the first good-roads ordinance in 1900.
Soon after the War Between the States Mr. Rives, as a young man, joined with the leading men of Caddo Parish in their successful efforts to overthrow the infamous carpet bag government which had been foisted upon the South by a coterie of vengeance-seeking poli ticians of the North. He took part also in the agitation against the Louisiana Lottery, and in the movement to do away with the licensed saloon. Uniting with the Presbyterian Church in 1877, he was made a deacon in 1902 and an elder in 1926.
Mrs. C. G. Rives is a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the D. A. R., U. D. C, and Colonial Dames.


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