Rives, John Forsyth (c1827 GA - 1865)

Rives, John Forsyth

Rives, John Forsyth


Father: John Edward Rives
Mother: Elizabeth Warren

Birth: c1827, Dawson County, Georgia
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Harriet Kinsey Chapman


Children of John Forsyth Rives and Harreit Kinsey Chapman:
  1. George Edwards Rives, b. 1849, d. 1872, Georgia
  2. Mary Elizabeth Rives, b. 1851, m. Mr. Boyd
  3. Frances Marion Rives, b. 1854, m. Rev. Blackwell
  4. Harriet Emeline Rives, b. 1856, m. Mr. Mitchell
  5. Ollie Jane Rives, b. 1859, m. Mr. Cooper
  6. John Thomas Rives, b. 1 July 1861
  7. James Davis Rives, b. 11 Oct 1863

From Reliques of the Rives:
Captain John Forsyth was born in Dawson county, Georgia, and made his home in Hall county, Georgia, near the farm of his father. After graduating from Athens College he joined the gold rush to California in 1849; but remained in California only a short while, returning subsequently to Georgia. Captain John F. Rives commanded Co. K, 43rd Georgia Infantry, in the War Between the States, and died in active service in 1865.


Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives, 232