Rives, John Goodwin (c1785 - 1843 VA)

Rives, John Goodwin

Rives, John Goodwin


Father: Benjamin Rives

Birth: c1785
Birth Source:

Death: 1843, Brunswick County, Virginia
Death Source: Estate records

Spouse1: Mary Buford, m. 18 May 1811, Brunswick County, Virginia


Children of John Goodwin Rives and Mary Buford:
  1. Susan F. Rives, b. c1827, m. Oliver T. Hamilton, of Petersburg, Va.
  2. Mary C. Rives, b. c1829, m. Mr. Fraser
  3. John James Rives, b. 1829
  4. Maria L. Rives, m. Rev. James W. Wheeler
  5. Anne E. Rives, m. Reekes [Ricks ?]

From Reliques of the Rives:
John Goodwin Rives removed from Greensville to Brunswick county, Virginia, where he became a large land owner and where he died in 1843. He married before August 29, 1812, Mary Buford, and from that time on there are frequent transfers of land in Brunswick county in his name amounting to
some thousands of acres. His wife died in Brunswick about 1857, in which year her will is recorded. According to her will and the testimony of a descendant, John Goodwin and Mary (Buford) Rives had the following (see above).

Brunnswick County probate records include an "Inventory and Appraisement of the personal Estate of John G. Rieves decd taken this 13th October 1843." Mary B. Rieves returned the inventory. The account names her as the administratrix. The estate sale took place at the Glibe plantation 9 Nov 1843.

The wife of John G. Rives is listed in the marriage record as Mary B. Keatts. It appears this was her second marriage.

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