Rives, John Jordan (1847 - 1901)

Rives, John Jordan

Rives, John Jordan


Father: Charles Harrison Rives
Mother: Charlotte Temple Rees

Birth: 1 Dec 1847
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 14 Jun 1901
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Ruth Palestine Milsted


Children of John Jordan Rives and Ruth Palestine Milsted:
  1. Charles Harrison Rives, b. 14 Aug 1874
  2. Sarah Josephine Rives, b. 1 Sep 1875, d. 16 Jan 1894
  3. George Milsted Rives, b. 18 Jun 1877, m. Mattie May Rainey
  4. Mary Elizabeth Rives, b. 13 Oct 1880, d. 1 June 1884
  5. Margaret Pearl Rives, b. 27 Aug 1883, m. Charles W. Robey
  6. Eliza Agnes Rives, b. 22 Oct 1888, d. 16 Oct 1891

Josi (Sarah Josephine), Mary, and Agnes are buried in the Rees Cemetery as well with the dates listed above.

Research Notes


Birth:      Headstone, Rees Cemetery, Lincoln County, Tennessee
Death:      Headstone, Rees Cemetery, Lincoln County, Tennessee

1880 Census:  Lincoln County, Tennessee

Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives, p270