Rives/Reeves, Peter (c1780s - 1820s)

Rives, Peter

Rives/Reeves, Peter


Father: Richard Reeves
Mother: Miss Eaton

Birth: c1784
Birth Source: Census Estimate

Death: 1820s
Death Source: Census

Spouse1: Lucy Cobb?


Children of Peter Rives and Lucy:
  1. Peter Reeves, b. c11 May 1813

Reliques records this Peter as a son of Richard Reeves and estimates his birth at 1785. The 1820 census indicates he was born before 1785. Reliques indicates his wife's name was unknown and that he had a son Peter and two daughters. The census indicates he had a son and at least three or four daughters.

In an 1815 Deed, Peter and his wife Lucy sold some land to "our Brother Kinchin? Cobb" and their share in the estate of "the late Col Howel Cobb decd" which they had rights to through "our Father David Cobb." This appears to identify Peter's wife as a Lucy Cobb, daughter of David Cobb.

In another 1815 Deed, Peter Rives sold land "that fell to me by heirshipp by the death of my father Richard Rives senr." to "my Brother Richard E. Rives"

Lucy appears as head of household in 1830 with two apparent sons in the household. In 1840, there is a Peter Reeves listed whose age indicates he would have been one of the sons in Lucy's household in 1830. There is an older woman matching Lucy's age in the household.

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