Rives, Reuben Ross (1828 TN - 1913)

Rives, Reuben Ross

Rives, Reuben Ross


Father: Stephen Tuner Rives
Mother: Sophia Meeks Cannon

Birth: 25 Dec 1828, Montgomery Co., Tennessee
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 28 July 1913
Death Source:

Spouse1: Nannie Noel, m. 15 Sep 1853


Children of Reuben Ross Rives and Nannie Noel:
  1. Franklin Osborne Rives, b. 17 Oct 1854
  2. Sophia Malinda Rives, b. 19 Jan 1858, m. Wilson Chapman
  3. Ella Rives, 18 July 1860, m. C. W. Coleman
  4. Emma Ross Rives, b. 23 Apr 1862, m. Absalom Mathias Carney
  5. Stephen Oscar Rives, b. 6 Oct 1864
  6. Nancy Elizabeth Rives, b. 28 Jul 1866
  7. Reuben Emmett Rives, b. 20 Jan 1869
  8. Bethel Anderson Rives, b. 30 Dec 1870, d. 18 Nov 1873
  9. William Henry Rives, b. 21 May 1873
  10. Addie May Rives, b. 20 Jun 1875, m. James Acton Pryor

Reliques states that he enlisted for service in the Mexican War with the Clarksville (Tenn.) Blues but was never called for active service. He later removed to Folsomdale, Graves county, Ky., where he engaged in farming with his brother, James D. Rives.


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