Rives, William Henry (1873 - )

Rives, William Henry

Rives, William Henry


Father: Reuben Ross Rives
Mother: Nannie Noel

Birth: 21 May 1873
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Spouse1: Mattie Ethridge White,


Children of William Henry Rives and Mattie Ethridge White:
  1. Jewel Cothran Rives, b. 21 June 1892
  2. Hallie Pauline Rives, b. Mar 1895
  3. Lola May Rives, b. 4 Aug 1897
  4. Mary Louise Rives, b. 9 July 1902, m. Rufus Jeffrey
  5. Thelma Ruth Rives, b. 23 Sep 1906, m. Jefferson Pryor Sullivan
  6. Velora Juanita Rives, b. 23 Mar 1908, m. Hobart Byron Hill


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