Rives, Robert Franklin (1837 TN - 1922 TN)

Rives, Robert Franklin

Rives, Robert Franklin


Father: Robert Rives
Mother: Rebecca Vaughan

Birth: 8 7 Dec 1837, Montgomery County, Tennessee
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives, Death Certificate

Death: 26 Sep 1922, Tennessee Christian County, Kentucky
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives, Death Certificate

Spouse1: Isabella Pollard, m. 2 Dec 1868, Christian County, Kentucky
Spouse2: Sallie A. Moore, m. 25 Oct 1876, Montgomery County, Tennessee


Children of Robert Franklin Rives and Isabella Pollard:
  1. Robert Henry Rives, b. 22 Sep 1869
  2. Franklin Rives, b. 6 Apr 1871
  3. Florence Neil Rives, b. 8 Sep 1872, m. Rev. William Bell Kendall
  4. George Pollard Rives, b. 3 Apr 1874

Children of Robert Franklin Rives and Sallie A. Moore:
  1. Mary Belle Rives, b. 18 Sep 1879, m. Joseph Lewis Barker
  2. Jordan Moore Rives, b. 5 Oct 1882
  3. Susan Cleveland Rives, b. 11 Nov 1884, m. John Thaddeus Helms,
  4. John Lewis Rives, b. 19 Feb 1888

Death certificate says he was born the 7th of December. Reliques has 8th. DC names parents.

From Reliques of the Rives:
was "for many years the largest individual farmer in Christian county (Ky.) and widely known as 'the wheat king'. No man in Christian county was better known or more universally esteemed and admired than Mr. Rives. He was honor personified, unaffected, frank and open hearted, detesting any thing like hypocrisy or dishonesty in the affairs of life, and his own life was an open book to all. Firm and positive in his convictions of right and wrong, yet he was patient with those who differed with him; and he was never known to refuse to assist in every way possible any worthy cause presented to him. He home life was ideal and the devotion of his family was beautiful and enduring. Mr. Rives was a life-long Christian and loyal member of the Methodist denomination, averitable pillar of the church to which he belonged.

"Mr. Rives was born in Montgomery county, Tennessee (at Noah's Spring), near the Christian county line, December 8, 1837. * * * He was reared on a farm and received a sound common school education. At nineteen he was the active manager of his father's farm, thus early evidencing his remarkable business ability. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate Army as a member of Company L, 14th Tennessee Cavalry, serving throughout the war and participating in many engagements. He was in Gen. Morgan's command (Co. E, Morgan's Men) when the famous raider invaded Ohio and was captured. Mr. Rives escaped by swimming (his horse) across the Ohio river. After Gen. Lee's surrender, he was captured at Paris, Tenn., but was paroled.

"After the war he resumed farming in Montgomery county and in 1877 removed to Christian county and began the extensive farming operations which caused him to rank among Kentucky's most successful planters. He was twice married, his first wife being Miss Isabella Pollard whom he married in 1868 (Dec. 1). She died in 1875. In 1876 (Oct. 2) he was married to Miss Sallie A. Moore (daughter of Rev. Jordan Moore, of the Tenn. Methodist Conference) who passed away during the present year (1922)."


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