Rives, Robert Paisely (1824 SC - 1882 AL)

Rives, Robert Paisely

Rives, Robert Paisely


Father: Green Rives Jr
Mother: Jerusha May Paisley

Birth: 21 Jan 1824, Richland District, South Carolina
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 22 or 23 May 1882, Collirene, Alabama
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Sophia Martha Ulmer, 4 March 1847


Children of Robert Paisely Rives and Sophia Martha Ulmer:
  1. Sarah Nancy Rives, b. 29 Oct 1848, m. Charles D. Stanley
  2. Mary Rose Rives, b. 11 Oct 1850, m. Eugenius F. Baber
  3. Sophia Paisley Rives, b. 4 Mar 1852
  4. Lilley May Rives, b. 1 Oct 1854; m. William J. Platte
  5. Theodosia Caroline Rives, b. 9 Dec 1856
  6. James Ulmer Rives, b. 14 Feb 1860
  7. Robert Green Rives, b. 5 Jan 1863, d. 13 Nov 1866
  8. George Judson Rives, b. 20 May 1865
  9. Luxora Jerusha Rives, b. 8 Aug 1867, m. William Milton Meyer
  10. Samuel Edwin Rives, b. 22 Jan 1871

From Reliques of the Rives:
Robert Paisely Rives was born in Richland District, South Carolina, January 21, 1824. "In his ninth year his parents removed with him and other members of his family (including their slaves) to Alabama, settling in what is now Lowndes county. Green Rives, his father, arrived at their future home on January 31, 1833. and named the settlement 'Collirene'. The journey from South Carolina was made in covered-wagon style, and required more than a month. Indians roamed at this time the woods through which they passed. When a camp was made for the night or for a period of rest, and subsequently broken for the resumption of the journey, the Indians fell upon the site in the hopes of finding something of value. Of this young Robert Rives took notice and thought to have some fun by attempting to frighten the Indians by jumping from behind a tree while they were laboring under the impression that all the campers had departed. This he tried but once when he, in turn, was given a great surprise: for an old Indian who observed him gave utterance to a war-whoop (possibly as a joke also, but none the less frightening little Robert as well as the rest of the family which had proceeded ahead).
"During the Mexican War he was mustered into service as a private in Co. K, 5th La. Mounted Inf., saw service in Texas, and was finally discharged on August 18, 1846. On March 4, 1847, he was united in marriage to Sophia Martha Ulmer, daughter of James and Nancy (Davis) Ulmer, of Pleasant Hill, Dallas county, Ala. Upon the outbreak of war in 1861 he enlisted in and served with Co. A, Dallas Light Dragoons, 44th Ala. Regt., which formed part of the Army of Northern Virginia. His health was such, however, that he could not stand the fatigues of camp life, and he was commissioned a Colonel and returned home to train recruits for the Confederate Army. He did his best for the cause he so loved. The outcome of the war was such a blow to him that it shortened his life for he died at Collirene, Ala., May 22, 1882, while just fifty-eight years of age, or in the prime of his life. He lived a consistent Christian, a member of the Bethany Baptist Church at Collirene. He was also a Mason, holding a high degree in that organization."

The Citizen-Examiner, 31 May 1882
Collirene - Mr. R. P. Rives died in Collirene beat the 23rd, at the age of about 60 years. He was in apparently good health at his breakfast table, but died in less than half an hour afterwards of something like heart disease. Mr. Rives has long been a resident of the county and was greatly respected by all. He laves a wife and several children, two or three of whom are married.


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