Rives, Thomas (c1843 GA - )

Rives, Thomas

Rives, Thomas


Father: Burwell G Rives
Mother: Anny Yarborough Jay

Birth: c1843, Georgia
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Malinda Carrie Boone
Spouse2: Isabella McManus


Children of Thomas Rives and Malinda Carrie Boone:
  1. Burwell W. Rives, b. c1868
  2. John F. M. Rives, b. c1879
  3. Harriett Annie Rives, b. c1881
  4. Robert L. Rives, b. c1883
  5. John T. Rives, b. c1885
  6. Joseph Reuben Rives, b. c1887
  7. Mary Elizabeth Rives, b. c1889, m. Mr. Morgan
  8. Edward Lee Rives, b. 23 Oct 1880

Children of Thomas Rives and Isabella McManus:
  1. Webster Rives

Reliques states he was "known as 'Shot-mouth,' by reason of a wound received in the war, was evidently the Thomas Rives who served as a private in Cobb’s (Ga.) Legion, C. S. A."


Census:     1870 Census - Hall County, Georgia
                   1880 Census - Hall County, Georgia
History:   Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives, 238