Rives, Timothy (c1625 OXF - c1692 VA)

Rives, Timothy

Rives, Timothy


Father: Timothy Rives
Mother: Mary

Birth: c1625, probably Oxforshire
Birth Source: Baptism

Death: c1692, Charles City County, Virginia
Death Source: Estate Administration

Spouse1: Mary


Children of Timothy Rives:
  1. George Rives, b. c1660
  2. Robert Rives, b. c1662
  3. John Rives, b. c1667
  4. Timothy Rives, b. c1670

According to Oxford, St Mary Magdalen Parish records, "Timothie, the son of Mr. Timothie Rives was baptized the 9 day of August 1625."

Here is a transcription of page 1 of Amendments to Reliques of the Rives:
Amendments to Reliques of the Rives by J. Rives Childs, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 1957, page 350.
Twenty-eight years ago I published Reliques of the Rives (Lynchburg, 1929) and since that time certain corrections and additions have been made available by correspondents or as the results of subsequent research. As in all probability the original work will never be reprinted and as it had a fairly wide distribution, the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography has offered me the hospitality of its pages to note the emendations which I would now make in my work if a new edition were ever issued.
When the book was written I offered the conjecture that William Rives was the emigrant ancestor. I have recently had occasion to question this assumption. The basis for the birth of William to Timothy Ryves and his wife of Oxford (pp. 74-75) was the slightest, and his presence in Surry County, Virginia, was made evident only as a tithable in 1684 and 1695. Mr. Laurence B. Gardiner, of Memphis, has recently put me on what I believe is a surer track. He has brought my attention to the discovery of a Charles City County Order Book for 1687-1695 where, on page 421, there is found: "Capt. Henry Batte ordered to assign and swear appraisers of Estate of Timothy Rieve" (the French pronunciation of the name apparently still persisting). I suggest now the likelihood that this Timothy "Rieve" or Rives was the emigrant ancestor and that he was identical with 206. Timothy Ryves, born 1625, son of Timothy and Mary Ryves of Oxford (p. 51), and that he was the father of George, Robert, John, and Timothy Rives, of Virginia. The William Rives living in Surry I 1684 and 1695 may well have been another son of this Timothy. At any rate I advance the hypothesis as one for future investigators to bear carefully in mind.

From Charles City County, Virginia Court Orders 1687-1695:
"Administration of estate late of Timothy Reevs of this county, committed to Mary, his relict. She, and William Stanback and Thomas Lewis give bond of 30,000 lbs tobacco to Capt. James Biss, Pres. of this Ct., for administration of estate. Capt. Henery Batt assigned to swear appraisers of estate" P. 431 3 November 1692 "Inventory of Timothy Reev's estate sworn to by relict" p. 455 13 April 1693 "Judgement granted Robert Bolling agst Wm Lawes and Mary his wife, Adm'd of Tymothy Reeves, dec'd for L 2/9/4"

This reveals the widow of Timothy Rives was named Mary. It's not clear if she was the mother of his children or a later marriage.

Also in the same order book were records for Robert Rives as follows (p580):
5 August 1695 Commission of administration of late Morris Caligham granted already. Robert Reives and Sarah his wife, Executrix of Morris Caligham, exhibit inventory of estate. Robert Reives, Thomas Anderson, and Charles Gee give 6000 lbs tob. bond for administration of above estate by Robert Reives and Sarah his wife, to see that legacies are paid. p. 589 18 Sept. 1695 Bond of Robert Reives, Thomas Anderson and Charles Gee to pay the orphans of Morris Caligham when they come of age, such estate as belongs to them, and payment by Sarah, the Executrix of Caligham, now wife of said Reives.
At Orphan's Court at Westover 18 Sept. 1695 Present: Mr. Richard Bland Capt. Capt. Daniel Luellin Mr. Robert Bolling Capt. John Hamlin

Research Notes

Seven members of Reeves DNA Group 8 descend from George, one from John, and one from Timothy. Robert died without male issue.


Baptism:    Oxfordshire, England, Church of England Baptism, Marriages, and Burials, 1538-1812 (Ancestry)

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