Rives, William (c1804 NC - )

Rives, William

Rives, William


Father: Thomas B. Rives
Mother: Susanna Thweatt

Birth: c1804, Chatham County, North Carolina
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Spouse1: Hannah


Children of William Rives and Hannah:
  1. Massey Rives, b. c1840
  2. Hannah Rives, b. c1842
  3. Nancy Rives, b. c1844
  4. Elizabeth Rives, b. c1846
  5. Susanna J Rives, b. 1848
  6. William Rives, b. c1851
  7. Thomas Rives, b. c1864
  8. Zacheies Rives, b. c1867

In 1836, M. H. Ford of Cherokee County, Georgia sold some land in that county to William "Reeves" of Hall County (C, p21). Later that year, William "Rieves," now of Benton County, Alabama, sold this same land to Nathaniel Harbin (C, p33). Cherokee County, Alabama was right above Benton County and it appears he ended up in Cherokee County, Alabama. He appears on the census there in 1860.


1860 Census:  Cherokee County, Alabama

Cherokee County, Georgia Deed Book C, p21
Cherokee County, Georgia Deed Book C, p33