Ryves, Charles (c1607 - )

Ryves, Charles

Ryves, Charles


Father: William Ryves
Mother: Ms. Latham

Birth: c1607
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Spouse1: Jane Ogden


Children of Charles Ryves and Jane Ogden:
  1. Richard Ryves
  2. Jeremiah Ryves, m. Mrs. Ann Maude

From Reliques:
He matriculated at Hart Hall, Oxford, 6 November 1621, aged 17, as "of Oxfordshire, son of a knight," and took the degree of B. A., 6 January 1624, and the degree of M. A., 26 October 1626. Hutchins shows him as a Master in Chancery. He was living in 1647/8 when his father bequeathed him his lease of the rectory of Noas. It could hardly have been any other than he who served as an officer in the Royalist Army in Ireland in 1647, was taken prisoner by the Parliamentary forces, and exchanged, as appears from a copy of a letter addressed to Gen. Thomas Preston by Lord Ormonde, as follows:
After our hearty Commendations Wee received your letter of the 19th of this present . . . wee have already agreed to a proposition made unto us by General O'Neill on his owne part for the mutuall release of all Sortes of Prisoners for one month's entertainment according to theire respective imployments of which course if it should approve on your parte Wee desire that those now Prisoners may bee released (and particularly Lieutenant Charles Ryves). And wee doe hereby undertake to pay a months entertainement for everyone of them respectively at such tyme and place as you shall appoint or if you shall not agree to this Course Wee shall enlarge an equivalent number of prisoners of your party, if any shall heerafter happen into our handes; Wee have given order for the enlargement of Lt. Bryen O'Neill in exchange for Capt. Stephens according to your desire. And soe we remain at his Majesties Castle of Dublin 22nd May 1647. Your Loveing freind Ormonde. (Addressed) For Generall Preston these (Endorsed) the Lord of Ormonds agreement for the Exchange of prisoners. (State Papers, Ireland, Vol. 264, No. 95.)


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