Ryves, Joseph (c1594 - )

Ryves, Joseph

Ryves, Joseph


Father: Thomas Ryves
Mother: Jane Gould

Birth: c1594
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:



Possible Children of Joseph Ryves:
  1. Joseph Ryves, b. c1697
  2. Valentine Ryves

From Reliques of the Rives:
Joseph Ryves, born about 1594, is ascribed as the son of Thomas Ryves in the Hutchins pedigree which is confirmed by the will (1633) of Joseph's brother, Richard
Ryves. According to this will, Joseph Ryves was a merchant, having been employed in trade as early as 1619. That he married and had issue is conjectured from the will (1688) of a certain Joseph Ryves (post) which mentions a brother, Valentine, who, together and in the absence of other evidence to the contrary, may with more probability be put down as the issue of Joseph Ryves than of his brother, Benjamin Ryves, if for no other reason than the perpetuation of the name of Joseph. Among the probable issue of Joseph Ryves there may be included, therefore: Joseph Ryves and Valentine Ryves.


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