Ryves, Joseph ( - bef 1698 ??)


Ryves, Joseph


Father: possibly Joseph Ryves

Birth Source:

Death Source:

Spouse1: Susan


Possible Children of Joseph Reeves and Susan:
  1. Richard Ryves, b. 1663

Joseph Ryves of the Parish of Stebenheath, co. Middlesex, London, Gentleman, is accounted for by his will:
P. C. C. 252 Pyne.
Dated 30 October 1688.
Proved 1697.

Joseph Ryves of the parish of Stebenheath alias Stepney, co. Middlesex, Gentleman . . . my dear wife Susan. ... I give unto my loving kinsman Joseph Ryves son of my late brother Valentine Ryves so long as he shall live with my said loving wife and be assisting to her in her affairs, meat and drink, washing and apparell, and all other
necessaries or, if my wife shall marry, I give him £100, residue to my said loving wife. . . .

According to his will he married Susan and in 1688 was without living issue. Richard b. 1663 may have been his son:
He matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford, 5 Dec. 1679, aged 16, as the son of "Joseph of London, gent.; B. A., 1683; student of Inner Temple, 1680" (Foster)


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