Ryves, Robert (c1544 - 1576)

Ryves, Robert

Ryves, Robert


Father: John Ryves
Mother: Amye Harvey

Birth: c1544
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1576
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Margaret Gillot


Children of Robert Ryves and Margaret Gillot:
  1. John Ryves, b. 4 June 1567
  2. Robert Ryves, b. 4 June 1567
  3. Richard Ryves, b. 1568
  4. James (or Jacobus) Ryves
  5. Mathew Ryves, b. 1571
  6. Elizabeth Ryves, b. c1573, m. George Mervyn
  7. Margaret Ryves, m. Richard Galdston

From Reliques of the Rives:
Robert Ryves, of Randleston, born about 1544, died in 1576, and was buried at Ewerne Courtney, 27 July 1576. Aside from Hutchins the sole testimony for him is contained in his inq. p. m., as follows:
Court of Wards, Inq. P. M.
Vol. 7, No. 65.

An inquisition taken at Dorchester on September 4th the 18th year of the reign of Elizabeth Queen of England (1577) after the death of Robert Ryves, gentleman. The jurors say upon their oaths that the said Robert Ryves was seised long before his death of the manor of Randleston alias Raulston and of lands (there follows a long description of them 0in Randleston and other places in co. Dorset. John Ryves is the son and next heir of the said Robert Ryves and he was of the age of eleven years on June 4th last. Margaret was the wife of the said Robert Ryves and she is still living in full life at Randleston alias Raulston. . . .

Hutchins states that he married Margaret Gillot, daughter and coheir of William Gillot (Gillette), of the Isle of Purbeck, aged 42 in 1594, who remarried after the death of Robert Ryves at Ewerne Courtney, 29 October 1579, Robert Swayne, of Gunvill, and that Robert Ryves had by her (see above).

Reliques also mentions son James's will:
In the will of Mr. James Ryves, of London, proved 19 Nov. 1632 (109 Audley), he gave John Fussell "his fower horses and all his cloathes except one old suite and 24
shillings." His new sword which he lent to Mr. Robert Fitzjames he gave to his servant Edward.


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