Chester County, South Carolina

Chester Co., SC

Chester County, SC


The original inhabitants of Chester County were the Catawba and the Cherokee nations. White traders entered the area in the early 1700s, and the first settlers came in the 1750s, largely in the Rocky Creek and Fishing Creek areas.

Chester County was named for Chester, Pennsylvania by early Scots-Irish settlers who arrived in the area as early as 1755. Many belonged to the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church. Early Scots-Irish settlers immigrated south from Pennsylvania on the Great Wagon Road. Others came up from the port of Charleston. The western part of the county was settled for the most part by immigrants from Virginia, most of English extraction. Source: http://www.villageprofile.com/southcarolina/chestercounty/chester1.html

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Chester County is bordered by York County to the north, Lancaster County on the east, Fairfield County to the south and Union County in the west.

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