Tarrant, Henry George (aka Reeves, Henry G) (c1851 HAM - fl 1881 HAM)


Tarrant, Henry George (aka Reeves, Henry G)


Mother: Mary Ann TARRANT

Birth: 1851, Kimpton Hampshire
Birth Source: Census and Baptism

Death Source:



The birth of Henry George TARRANT was registered in Andover Registration District (which includes the parish of Kimpton) during 2q1851 with mother's maiden name of "--". The HGS Index to Baptisms (1842-1874) has an entry for the baptism of Henry George TARRANT, the son of Mary Ann TARRANT (Spinster) on 22 June 1851 at Kimpton, which again fits this individual.

At the time of the 1861 census, Henry appears as Henry G Reeves in the household of Henry Reeves and his wife Mary Ann plus three younger siblings. No record of a marriage between Henry REEVES and Mary Ann TARRANT has yet been identified, but there is little doubt over Mary Ann's identity. The birth registrations of Henry's two youngest siblings on the 1861 census, Ann Rebecca REEVES and James REEVES give their mother's maiden name as TARRANT. Henry is described as the HoH's son, aged 9, born Kimpton, Hampshire and his occupation is Agricultural Labourer. See Research Note 1 below.

On the 1871 census, Henry again appears in the household of Henry Reeves and his wife Mary Ann, where is now the oldest of six siblings. Again his relationship to the head of the family is given as Son. Henry is 19 years old, unmarried, was born Kimpton, Hampshire and his occupation is Agricultural Labourer.

It is possible Henry is the individual who appears on the 1881 census as a Lodger in the household of George and Ann Willsher. They were living at 26 Guildford Street, in the St Mary's parish of Southampton. This Henry G Reeves, is 29 years old, unmarried and gives his place of birth as Lugeshall (sic Ludgershall), Wiltshire. He is a "Labourer in Ballast Wharf"

Henry has not, as yet, been identified on any subsequent English census, nor has a probable death registration for him been found.

Research Notes

(1)   Whilst it is possible that our subject Henry G Tarrant (aka Reeves) was the biological son of Henry Reeves, there is presently no conclusive documentary evidence. All we can say from the 1861 and 1871 census returns is that Henry Reeves raised Henry as his son. Y-DNA testing of descendants of both Henry and one of his younger brothers might cast light on the matter.


Birth:        FreeBMD     1851, June quarter, Andover Registration District
Baptism:   HGS Index to Baptisms (1842-1874)
1861 Census: RG9, Piece 0682, Folio 20 face, Page 33
1871 Census: RG10, Piece 1198, Folio 32 face, Page 7
1881 Census: RG11, Piece 1207, Folio 95 face, Page 41, Schedule 220
1891 Census:
1901 Census:
1911 Census:
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