Reeves, Henry (1821 WIL - c1907 HAM)


Reeves, Henry


Father: William REEVES
Mother: Hannah Cook

Birth: 1821, Ludgershall, Wiltshire
Birth Source: Baptism

Death: c1907
Death Source: FreeBMD

Spouse1: Mary Ann TARRANT


The baptismal register for Ludgershall notes the baptism of Henry the son of William and Hannah Reeves was performed in September 1821. Beyond this, nothing is known of Henry's early life. It is probable he He is the individual who appears on the 1841 census as the 19 year old individual in the household of William & Hannah Reeves on Deweys Lane, Ludgershall, Wiltshire. However, there is presently no other corroborating information.

Henry has yet to be identified on the 1851 census. At the time of the 1851 census, Henry appears in his parents' household in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. He is 29 years old, unmarried and working as a Labourer.

It is not presently known where or when Henry Reeves married Mary Ann TARRANT whose maiden name is also unknown, but most probably around 1850. Their first known child Henry was born about 1852 at Kimpton, Hampshire which adjoins Ludgershall, Wiltshire.     See Research Note 1.
From various census returns, Mary claimed birth in Thruxton, Hampshire which adjoins Kimpton with a detached portion of Thruxton adjoining Ludgershall.

The known children of Henry and his wife Mary Ann (mnu) are
  1. Henry Reeves, born c1851, Kimpton, Hampshire - but see Research Note 1.
  2. William Reeves, born c1853 West End/Shamblehurst/Hedge End, Hampshire, bapt Jan 1854 at Durley - see Research Note 2 below.
  3. Ann Rebecca Reeves, b.reg. 4q1856, bapt Sept 1857 at West End; married George Bevis HARVEY 1876
  4. James Reeves, b.reg. 2q1859, bapt Aug 1859 at West End, d.reg. 1q1860 age 0; bur Mar 1860 at West End
  5. Charles Reeves, b.reg. 1q1861, bapt Apr 1861 at West End
  6. John Reeves, b.reg. 3q1863, bapt Nov 1863 at West End
  7. Thomas Reeves, b.reg. 3q1865, bapt Nov 1865 at West End
  8. Frank George Reeves, b.reg. 4q, bapt Jan 1869 at Bitterne
  9. Charles Albert Reeves, b.reg. 3q1871, bapt Aug 1871 (privately; received Oct1871) at Bitterne
For the seven youngest children a corresponding birth registration in the South Stoneham Registration District has been identified and in all cases the GRO Index to Births notes the mother's maiden name as TARRANT

At the time of the 1861 census, Henry and his wife Mary Ann are living within the St James Ecclesiastical District of South Stoneham parish. South Stoneham is a very extensive parish and St James is in the village of West End. The whole family are enumerated under the surname Reves (sic). Henry is 39 years of age and claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. He is working as an Agricultural Labourer. Their four children Henry (9, born Kimpton), William (7, Westend), Annrebecca (sic) (4, Westend) and Charles (2 months, Westend) complete the household.

On the 1871 census, Henry & his wife Mary are living at Shepherds Bottom on the Bitterne Road, Bitterne. Henry is 49 years old, working as an Agricultural Labourer and claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. In addition to his wife Mary, the household comprises their children Henry (19), William (17), Ann (14), John (7), Thomas (5) and Frank (2).

At the time of the 1881 census, Henry and Mary are living on Old Portsmouth Road, West Bitterne, Hampshire. Henry is now 60 years old and claims birth in Lugshall (sic Ludgershall), Wiltshire. His occupation is given as Labourer. Their four youngest sons, John (aged 17), Thomas (15), Frank G (12) and Charles H (sic) (9) complete the household. The next property listed on this census page is Stratford Villas where a George Reeves is head of household. There is no known family connection between George and Henry.

On the 1891 census, Henry and Mary are living on High Street, Bitterne. He is 69 years old and claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. His occupation is shown as "Kept by sons". Sons Frank (aged 22) and Charles (19) complete the household.

By the time of the 1901 census, Henry and Mary are to be found in the household of their son John at 1 Dursley Cottage, Mayfield Road. See Research Note 3.     Henry's relationship is shown as Father; he is 79 years old and claims birth in Ludgershall, Wiltshire.

Henry has not been identified on the 1911 census and his wife Mary appears as head of household on Pound Street, Bitterne and she is a widow.
It is highly probably Henry's is the death recorded by FreeBMD in the first quarter of 1907 in South Stoneham Registration District, age 85.

Research Notes

(1)   No Birth Registration matching Henry Reeves born 1852 +/-2yrs has been identified in either FreeBMD or the GRO Index to Births. At the time of the 1851 census, Mary Ann TARRANT, aged 20 and who was unmarried, was living as part of her widowed father James TARRANT's household at Kimpton (HO107, Piece 1639, Folio 280 reverse, Page 11, Schedule 42). There are various grandchildren, but none who would match Henry. That supports his birth being after 30 March 1851. There is a birth registration for Henry George TARRANT, during 2q1851 in Andover Registration District (which includes the parish of Kimpton) with mother's maiden name of "--". The HGS Index to Baptisms (1842-1874) has an entry for the baptism of Henry George TARRANT, the son of Mary Ann TARRANT (Spinster) on 22 June 1851 at Kimpton, which again fits this individual. None of the above precludes Henry George TARRANT being the biological son of Henry REEVES and from subsequent census entries, it is clear Henry Reeves raised him as his son; there being no mention of him being a step son on any census return. The Y_DNA testing of descendants of both Henry and one of his younger brother's will cast light on the matter.

(2)   No Birth Registration matching William Reeves born 1854 +/- 2yrs has been identified. There is little doubt he is the individual baptised at Durley, Hampshire, the son of Henry And Mary Ann Reeves. The same HGS Index to Baptisms notes they were of South Stoneham, which begs the question "why was William baptised at Durley?" Was the minister at Durley unaware Henry and Mary Ann were probably unmarried (or at least not care).

(3)   Based on other street names within the same 1901 census piece (eg Harefield Road on Page 17 and Broadlands on page 22), this is most probably Mayfield Road, Swaythling.


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Death:      FreeBMD   -   1907, March quarter, South Stoneham Registration District
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