Rives, Mary Catherine nee Turner (1771 VA - 1847 NC)


Rives, Mary Catherine nee Turner


Father: Steven Turner
Mother: Susan Hamner

Birth: 13 Mar 1771, Virginia (possibly Albemarle)
Birth Source: 1839 Letter by Mary Turner Rives

Death: 1847, Warren County, North Carolina
Death Source: Estate Probated

Spouse1: William McGuffey Rives, m. 5 Jan 1788


Children of William McGuffey Rives and Mary Catherine Turner:
  1. Stephen Turner Rives, b. 10 Nov 1788
  2. Thomas Rives, b. 4 Nov 1790
  3. Anne (Nancy) Rives, b. 14 Oct 1792, m. James Mabry
  4. William Rives, b. 4 Mar 1795
  5. Sarah Ann "Sally" Rives, b. 13 Aug 1799, d. 21 Aug 1893, m. William Moss, Christian Co., KY
  6. Mary "Polly" Rives, b. 1 Dec 1801, d. bef Nov 1836, m1. Watkins, m2 James Hart
  7. Robert Rives, b. 16 Dec 1803, d. 9 Sep 1885, Christian Co., KY
  8. James Rives, b. 13 Sep 1807
  9. Rebecca Rives, b. 17 Jan 1810, d. 1870, m. Holman Southall
  10. Susan T. Rives, b. 7 Aug 1817, m. Cunningham

From Reliques of the Rives:
Letter written by Mary Turner Rives to her son Robert Rives in 1839: 
Warren County
North Carolina,
Oct. 3, 1839.

I take this opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I and family are well. Hoping this letter will find you and family in good health.
Your brothers and sisters are well. Mary Mabry (Mary Rives who m. Jones Mabry) has chills and fever. John Turner has the bilious fever and is very sick at this time. Our neighbors are well on this side of Nutbush Creek. The people on the other side are very sickly. Howel Clardy lies very low with the billious fever and is very dangerous. Polly Bowdens died about the 15th of September, and the Doctors said she died of the glands of the neck being swelled; she was confined to her bed more than three months, she died a devout christian.
Rebecca, your mother's brother Jack Vaughan and the Edwards family were all well at Mrs. Bowdens' funeral.
We have fine crops in this county of every description, except potatoes and turnips. New corn will start from the stack at two dollars, tobacco at Petersburg is from $3. to $10., wheat one dollar, cotton below par, bacon 15 cents per pound.
You requested me to send you all your ages also your Father's and my age. Your Father was born December 24, 1767. I was born March 13, 1771. We were married the 5th. day of January, 1788. Stephen Rives was born the 10th. of November 1788. Thomas Rives was born the 4th. of Nov. 1790. Nancy Mabry was born the 14th. of Oct. 1792. William Rives was born the 24th. of March, 1795. Sally Moss was born the 13th. of August, 1799. Polly Watkins was born the 1st. of Dec. 1801. Robert Rives was born the 16th. of Dec. 1803. James Rives was born the 13th. of Sept. 1807. Rebecca Southall was born the 27th. of Jan. 1810. Susan Cunningham was born August 8th. 1817.
Your father (William McGuffy Rives) was born and raised in Dinwiddie County, 25 miles this side of Petersburg, at your great grand-father's, William Rives. Also your grand-father, Thomas Rives was raised there and moved here and lived here, Nutbush, and then moved to Chatham and died there.
Your grand-mother Rives was a Neal. Your grand-father married her in Amelia County, Va.
My father was born and reared in Amherst County, Va., on the other side of James River. My father was named Stephen Turner, son of Old Terisha Turner of said County and State. My mother was named Susan Hamner in Albemarle county Va., daughter of Wm. Hamner of said City and State.
Robert, Uncle John Turner and family moved from Amherst to that State (Kentucky) and I heard of them in Wilson Co. Aunt Sallie Stovall and her family went there. Aunt Molly London's children went there. They moved out of Amherst near Lynchburg. Some of Uncle Henry Turner's children moved to that state also, but I do not know what County.
The sale of your father's property will be between the 15th. and 20th. of December. All the perishable property and five negroes, visible, Cely, Sims, Granderson, Hinton, and Henry, all of which you may call nearly men.
I desire to be remembered to Rebecca and the children, Stephen Y. Moss, Len H. Johnson and Old Mrs. Collins.
So I conclude, remaining your loving mother until death.
(Signed) Mary Rives
Robert Rives and wife
Montgomery County

Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives, p157