Brunswick County, Virginia

Brunswick Co., VA

Brunswick Co., VA


The first English settlers in what became Brunswick County swarmed into the relatively protected lands near Fort Christanna during its 4 years of operation (1714–1718). Among them were indentured servants, including men deported from Scotland in 1716 after being convicted by the Crown in the Jacobite Rebellion. They were required to work under indenture to pay the Crown back for their ship passage. Gradually the colonists pushed many of the Native Americans out of the area.

Brunswick was created in 1720 from Prince George County. Jurisdiction (court, militia and land records) remained with Prince George County until 1732. The county is named for the former Duchy of Brunswick-Lunenburg in Germany, because one of the titles also carried by Britain's Hanoverian kings was Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg. In 1732 the county received more land from parts of Surry and Isle of Wight counties. Brunswick County reached to the Blue Ridge Mountains until 1745, when increasing population in the region resulted in the formation of a series of new counties, and Brunswick's current western border was established.
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Brunswick County is bordered by Nottoway County on the north, Dinwiddie County to the northeast, Greensville County on the east, Warren County, NC in the south, Mecklenburg County on the west and Lunenburg County to the northwest.

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