Surry Co., VA

Surry Co., VA


Surry County was formed in 1652 from James City County. James City County was one of eight original shires designated in 1634. At that time it extended toward the southwest between Charles City and Isle of Wight (then Warrosquyoake), being terminated later by the boundary with North Carolina.

Surry County was created out of the portion of James City County south of the James River.Brunswick County was created in 1720 and fully organized in 1732 with portions of Isle of Wight and Surry counties falling within its bounds. Portion of Lawne's Creek and Southwark thus became part of St. Andrew's Parish in Brunswick County. In 1738 the General Assembly enacted that the "parishes of Southwark and Lawne's Creek be divided by the Blackwater River". Thus the portions of the two parishes between the James and Blackwater River became Southwark, and those south of Blackwater wre joined to form the new parish of Albemarle, and the name "Lawne's Creek Parish" faded into history. The entire area of Albemarle Parish was incorporated into Sussex County when it was formed from the southwestern end of Surry County in 1754.

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Surry is bordered by Charles City, James City, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Sussex and Prince George counties of Virginia.

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