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Line Challenges

Lineage Challenges

Researchers may sometimes disagree about the individuals listed in a particular lineage. It may be the result of a different conclusion drawn from one's own research or the lineage in question may have been copied from sources that contain errors. Within TRP we aim to adopt a constructive approach to such challenges.

Many of the lineages within TRP have been copied by volunteers from our sister project, The Reeves DNA Project, without any further input from the line owner. We hope if you have taken the trouble to have your DNA tested then you are similarly motivated to share information about your extended family history with other members of your DNA Group and the wider TRP community. Why not Join Us and adopt your Line?

It is known that many well referenced and often cited publications on Reeves genealogy contain mistakes, which we are documenting elsewhere, and some of these mistakes are reflected in the Lineages submitted by some DNA test participants and other researchers. We all need to continually remind ourselves that such publications, while interesting resources, are not, for the most part, appropriate sources for proving ancestry. Please also see our page on Documenting Sources.

Linked from this page you will find information about the queries and challenges TRP Community Members have concerning individual lineages posted within TRP and elsewhere.

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Please Note:

When creating a page detailing challenges or queries in a Lineage, please name your page starting with YY501_ and add the Line Page name being challenged. For example use the name YY501_Line_from_EmmArrBee to raise a challenge against the line documented on page Line_from_EmmArrBee. Add this new page to the YY501 Line Challenges structure.

On the new page, indicate which generation you feel is in error, that is which offspring is incorrectly ascribed to the alleged father. Include as much information as possible about the known offspring of that father, citing your sources and preferably including a wiki link to the alleged father's page within TRP.
Alternately you may link to an existing TRP page detailing a known error in one of the often cited publications. Please always aim to be positive with the information provided and where possible offer alternate candidates as the offspring's parent.