Reaves, George Sr. (c1765 VA? - c1830 VA)

George Reaves

Reaves, George Sr.


Father: Unknown

Birth: c1750
Birth Source: Estimate based upon children's ages.

Death: before 1830
Death Source: No listings in tax records of census by 1830

Spouse1: probably Martha "Patty" Epps


Probable children of George Reaves:
  1. George Reaves, Jr., b. c1790
  2. Elijah Reaves, b. c1785, m. Elizabeth Wilson
  3. Polly Reaves b. c1795, m. William Wilson
Note - this is presently undocumented with the exception of Polly Reeves whose marriage record to William Wilson in Halifax County names her father as George Reeves (Reaves). Elijah Reaves married Elizabeth Wilson, presumably a sister to William, on the following day in Halifax County. The 1811 Halifax personal tax list names George Reaves, Sr. and George Reaves, Jr.

A George Reaves described as "of Wilkes County, North Carolina" is named in a Halifax deed dated September 6, 1793 as one of the legatees of John Epps, deceased. The deed refers to the heirs as being: Nathaniel Epps, Moses Epps, David Powell, Sr., John Comer, Edy Epps, and Temperance Epps of Halifax County, Virginia; Ambrose Gresham of Lunenburg County, Virginia; and George Reaves of Wilkes County, North Carolina.

The Epps' daughter who married George Reeves was unstated in the records, but was probably "Patty" (a nickname for Martha) since a widowed Martha Reeves is listed as head of household in the 1830 Halifax census after the death of George Reeves.

This may indicate a family connection to Asher Reaves whose Revolutionary War pension statement states that he he was born in Prince William County, Virginia and that he lived in Halifax County, Virginia prior to the RW war from where he originally enlisted. His father then relocated to Wilkes County, North Carolina, where he was recruited for subsequent tours of service. After the Revolution, Asher Reaves returned to Halifax County, Virginia where he lived for approximately 16 years before relocating to Tennessee and then to Ohio according to his pension statement.

The only older Reeves' individual living in Wilkes County, North Carolina at that time was an Isaac Reeves with wife Margery. The fact that Isaac and Margery Reeves are known to have left Virginia and relocated to Wilkes County NC around the time of the Revolution indicates a possible connection between Asher, George and Isaac Reeves. Since Isaac Reeves did not name any of his children in his 1807 will, there may be no way to positively identify them.

The Wilkes County tax list of Capt. Tribble lists a George Reeves in both 1787 and 1788 which is the same area where Isaac Reeves' sons John and James are recorded. A deed from George Reeves to William Petty for 200 acres dated 9 Dec 1794 is the last record of his presence in that area.

It should be noted that the DNA of descendants of the known Reeve family of Prince William County, Virginia is a different lineage than descendants of Isaac Reeves of Wilkes County. DNA of the descendants of Asher and George Reaves would be a great help in resolving the identity of these individuals.

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