Reeves, Burgess (1746 NC - c1811 SC)


Reeves, Burgess


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Margaret Burgess (maiden name undocumented)

Birth: 10 May 1746, Granville County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1751 Will of William Reeves and guardian records

Death: before Jun 1811, Pendleton, South Carolina
Death Source: Will of 6 Mar 1811, proved 3 Jun 1811

Spouse1: Frances Mauldin


Children of Burgess Reeves and Frances Mauldin as named in his will of 1811:
  1. John Reeves
  2. Mauldin Reeves
  3. Leatha Reeves
  4. William Reeves
In the Granville County, North Carolina Court Minutes of 2 Sep 1755, Burgess Reeves, orphan of William Rives, dec'd, who was age 9 years old on 10 May 1755 was bound out to Samuel Mangham to be taught the carpenter's trade. And in the Court minutes of 20 June 1758, at age 12, he was bound out to John Thomson to be a cooper.

Burgess Reeves was on the tax list for Bute County in 1771.

Burgess Reeves, James Dowlen and James Sledge witnessed a deed between Charles Bartholomew to Daniel Sledge, both of Bute County, for land in Bute County adjacent Weldon, Acock and his other line, July 20, 1772. On March 8, 1773, he also witnessed the sale of land from John Thompson to Peter Smart, both of Bute County, for land on Sandy Creek also proving by oath that deed on August 10, 1774. This deed involved land that was in the portion of Bute that became Warren.

The court ordered Burges Reeves to be added to the road whereof William Jane was overseer on May 10, 1775. He also signed the oath of allegiance in Captain Weathers' District of Bute County. (1775-1776)

A Bill of Sale from Philemon Wood to Burgess Reeves was acknowledged by the said Philemon and was Ordered to be recorded in Bute County on November 9, 1779.

Burgess Reeves and John Reeves, Jr. witnessed the 31 July, 1805 Pendleton Co., SC will of James Nash. This was recorded on Jan. 19, 1807 in Will Book A, Page 81.
Source: South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History. It is interesting that the document shows Burgess Reeves as signing with "his (X) mark," as an earlier document from Granville Co., NC, found by TRP contributor, Richard Reeves, consists of this statement: "Burgess Reeves, 9 years old on May 1, 1755, orphan of Wm. Reeves, bound to Samuel Maugham, to be taught Carpenters trade and given 2 years schooling between 15 and 21 years of age, Sept. 2, 1755."


1751 Will of William Reeves
Bute County NC Tax Records
Granville County NC Tax Records
1790 Census - Pendleton District, South Carolina
1800 Census - Pendleton County, South Carolina
1810 Census - Pendleton County, South Carolina

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