Reeves, Mauldin (1781 NC - 1873 TN)


Reeves, Mauldin


Father: Burgess Reeves
Mother: Frances Mauldin

Birth: 5 Mar 1781, probably North Carolina
Birth Source: Obituary

Death: 7 Nov 1873, Madison County, Tennessee
Death Source: 1871 Will probated Dec 1873 and Gravestone in Gladney-Reeves Cemetery

Spouse1: Nancy Stevenson, b. 12 Apr 1785, d. 6 Apr 1825, married 3 Sep 1800, buried in Gladney-Reeves Cemetery
Spouse2: Mary Neeley, m. 12 Nov 1829 in Madison County, Tennessee
Spouse3: Carrie Warren whose gravestone in the Gladney-Reeves Cemetery is inscribed "wife of Mauldin Reeves died Mar. 28, 1843 age 55 years"


Children of Mauldin Reeves and Nancy Stevenson:
  1. John C. Reeves, b. 1802, m. Barbara Shankle
  2. Alethia Reeves, b. c1805 m. Henry Moore
  3. Elizabeth Reeves, b. 1806, m. Austin E. Moore
  4. Winifred Reeves, b. c1807, m. Barnett Hardy
  5. Ann Reeves, b. 1810, m. Asa Goodwin
  6. Mary Reeves, b. c1812, m. James Gladney
  7. William Mauldin Reeves, b. 1814, m. Mary Gladney
  8. Robert S. Reeves, b. 1818 m. Lorena Parker
  9. Emeline Reeves, b. c1820, m. Colville Wilson on 13 Dec 1838
  10. Adeline Reeves, b. c1822, m. George Perkins on 9 Oct 1845
  11. Frances Isabelle Reeves, b. c1824, m. Major Croom
Child of Mauldin Reeves and Mary Neeley:
  1. Maria Tom Davidson Reeves, b. 1830, m. Dr. David Hardie Parker
The obituary of Mauldin Reeves, published in the Whig and Tribune on 17 January 1874, stated that he was born in North Carolina on March 5, 1781 and had moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina when young. He married Nancy Stevenson on Sept. 3, 1800, moving to Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1811 and then in 1812 he moved across the Elk River to Franklin County, Tennessee. Finally in 1824 he moved to Madison County, first at Cotton Grove but in 1825 moved "near to what was then called Frozen Oak, but now Medon. He lived there until outbreak of the Civil War, when as a widower, he broke up housekeeping and lived among his children, dying in Medon at home of son-in-law, Dr. D. H. Parker.

From The History of Madison County, Tennessee:
Mauldin Reeves and his wife were the parents of nine daughters and three sons, all born before they came to West Tennessee. He was a successful farmer, but owned less land than many wealthy men of his day - he was not very enthusiastic about slavery. His money was accumulated by trading, and by making many loans, which he made without a mortgage or note of any kind - with him a "man's word was his bond."

He filled a bit of place of the farm demonstration agent - spent much time "riding the farm" on which he had made loans, and making suggestions as to successful crop making. In 1860, he had a family reunion, (paying the fare home for each of the families who had moved into Arkansas, Texas, or Mississippi) and gave to each of his twelve children $3,000.00 in gold, saying that he wanted them to enjoy it while they were rearing their families, and might need it. After the War, he called them together again, and gave each $2,000.00; and at successive birthdays, he divided most of what he had left, among them. He lived to be almost 94 years of age...He died at the home of his daughter, and son-in-law Dr. David H. Parker, on November 7, 1873, and is buried in the Reeves Cemetery, near his old home.

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