1625 Will - Richard Reve


1625 Will - Richard Reve


Dated: 25 Jul 1625, Hatfield Peverel, Essex
Probated: Archdeaconry of Colchester, 23 Sep 1625


In the name of God Amen I Richard Reve of Hatfield Peverill in the County of Essex yeoman beinge in the wynter of adge, yet of good rememberance (the Lord be praysed therefore) do in this ? make this to be my last will & Testament as followeth vizt, First I commend my soule into the handes of allmighty god my creator, Relyinge only upon the merits of Jesus Christ, for my salvacion, & my body to the Earth, to be bestowed in Christian Buryall, at the pleasure of hym that shalbe (by the purporte of this my will & testamt my Executor: And for such be my fitt and blessinges at god hath lent me for this mortall lyfe I dispose theerof as followeth: vizt, First I give and bequeath unto my son John all that my custom tenement and garden adjoyinge, and two acars of land; called Serigies?, and two acors of land pcell of Cames Prartor, and one croft?, contayninge thre acars called Stobbers, and one croft of land called Willslos conteynine two acars and all other the customm landes tenemts & heredytamts of me the said Richard Reve in High Easter and Dunmowe Houlden of the mannor of High Easter pcell of the Duchie of Lamaster and also I give & bequeath unto the sayd John my son & to his heirs, all my freehold, landes & tenemts whatsoever wch I have lyinge & beinge in High Easter, and Dunmowe aforesaid (or elsewheere wthin the County of Essex to have and to hould, all my said landes tenements and premisses custom and copiehould, as frehold aforementcioned unto my said son John & his heirs for ever (notwthstandinge my thinge aforesaid privded alwaise and under this condicion that is to saie that he the said John, or his heires presently after he the said John or his heirs shalbe admitted unto the said custom landes & premisses he the said John or his heirs (at the same com..) do and shall surrender the said custom landes and premisses unto the hands of the Lord of the mannor of wch the same are houlden at aforesaid by the stewarde then beinge &c to the use of Richard Reeve, Mathew Reve, and Andrew Reve my sons & to their heirs uppon this condicion that the said John his heirs executors administrators or assignees do pay unto them the said Richard, Mathew and Andrew and to the executors administrators & assignees of eery of them, the some of twenty poundes a peese of current English mony within pne year next after my decease at or in the north porch of the pish Church of Hatfield Peverill aforesaid and also doe and shall further paye unto them, and every of them their and every of their executors admrs and assigns other twenty pounds a peese of lyke money within two years and a halfe next after the decease of me the said Richard (at the place aforesaid and further do paie to my sarvante Grace Payne her executors and assignes the some of ten poundes of lyke mony wthin one year after my decease at the place aforesaid (yf she be then livinge all ? severall payments aforesaid, to be trewly paid as aforesaid, without any further delaye, fraid or collusion (the said surrender then to be voied els to be of full fce and effect but yf my said son John or his heirs shall fayle to make such surrender of my sayd custom landes tenemts and premisses unto my said sonnes ( or so many of them as shalbe then lyvinge contrary to the purpose and trew meaninge of this my will and testament then I will and bequeath all my landes tenemts and premisses aforesaid aswell frehoulde as copyhould unto Mathew Reve, and Andrew Reve to them only andtheir heirs neverthelesse to this very and intent and purpose followinge (that is to saie) that they the said Mathew and Andrew or the survivor of them, or the heires or executors of them, or of the survivor of them within one yeer next after my decease, do and shall set and put to sale at and for the mostle advantage they can, all and every the afore.. tenemnts landes and premisses and the somes of mony thereof to come and growe or to be made of and uppon such sale of the premisses I dispose theerof as followeth (vizt) after such reasonable charges wch those shalbe as that shall travayle in the sellinge of the sayd landes & premisses accordingly as is appointed by this my will and testamt be recowped and the said ten poundes to my said sarvannte Gracce be assured, and the some of ten poundes sterlinge wich I will to be paied to my son John out of the monyes which the said landes & premisses shalbe sould for, be lykewise satisfyed & the resydew then remayninge I wilbe devyded to and amongeste the rest of my sonnes vizt Richard, Mathew and Andrew pts and pte lyke (any thinge aforemensioned in this my will and testament to the contrary in any wise notwthstandinge) And as touchinge my psonall estate of my goodes and chattells I dispose thereof thus (vizt) I give to my son Andrew my joyned Bedsted in the plor wch the fetherbed and furnyture to the same in every respecte belonginge and my joyned cubboard in the said plor & my joyned table and joyned shelfe in the chamber over the hall and I geve and bequeath unto my sarvannt Grace Payne a peice of my sheets and the Boxes wth the locke and keye to the same wch she layeth her lynnen in, the reste of my goodes and chattells mony & debtes ( my debts first payde, or my funerall charges recowped, and other my bequests of my said psonall estate, heerby geven be answered I will and bequeath the one moyety or halfe pte thereof to my son Andrew and the other moyity or hafe pte thereof, to my son John wch John I nomynate and appointe to be myne executor of this my will and testamente nevertheless yf my son John do and shall refuse to take uppon hym, the Burthen of theexecutorshipp of this my will & testament or do fayle to surrender the said landes & premisses to the use of my said sons Richard Mathew and Andrew theer heires for the sure payment to every of them of forty poundes a peece and to my sarvannte Grace the some of ten poundes as aforesaid then I will and bequeath that myitie & half pte of my said goods and chattells b geven to my son John to and amongst my sons Richard Mathew and Andrew pte and pte lyke and then I do appointe and nomynate the said Mathew and Andrew to be my Executors and utterly disanull my son John for executor; In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hande and sealse, the ffyve and twenty daye of July in the firste yeere of the reigne of our Soveregn Lord Charles by gods grae kinge of England Scotland Gfrance and Ireland Defender of the fayth &c Annoq Dm 1625
Richard Reve
(his + mark)

Red & published and agreed unto
by the said Richard Reve the daye
& yeer last above said for his
last will & Testmanet in ye
presence of us
Thomas (his mark) Smyth
John Bynder the elder
John (his marke) D??y


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