1698 Census of Southold, NY - Reeve, Joseph + Abigail & Household

Reeve, Joseph + Abigail & household

1698 Census of Southold, NY - Reeve, Joseph + Abigail & Household


Excerpt from original list in order recorded.

Transcript or Summary

John Bond
Sarah Rodman
John Barnes
Joseph Reeue
Abigal Reeue
Joseph Reeue Junjr
Benjamen Reeue
David Reeue
Ezikias Reeue
Solomon Reeue
Abigail Reeue
Mary Reeue
Margarett Hallock widdow
Dorathy Ozmon


Some names listed before and after the presumed household are included for context and possible consideration.

The household is presumed to be comprised of:
Joseph Reeve (head)
Abigail Reeve (née MNU) (wife)
Joseph Reeve Jr. (son)
Benjamen Reeve (son)
David Reeve (son)
Hezekiah Reeve (son)
Solomon Reeve (son)
Abigail Reeve (daughter)
Mary Reeve (daughter)

Other documents of the time support this household grouping.

Margaret Hallock
There has been common discussion of "Margarett Hallock widdow" being included in this Reeve household. Margaret Hallock is known to have had a daughter Abigail Hallock, so it has been theorized that Joseph's wife is this Abigail Hallock, with Abigail's widowed mother living with them here. However, other than the name placement in this census, there is no other supporting information yet found for this theory.

Dorathy Ozmon
There is also common discussion of "Dorathy Ozmon" being included in this Reeve household. There are many Osman's in Southold at the time, but no other mention of this Dorothy yet found in records of the time. There is no other supporting information yet found for this theory.

John Bond, Sarah Rodman, John Barnes
These names preceding the Reeve household are not yet associated with any other household.
There are no other people in the list with surnames Bond nor Rodman.
There is one other person in the list with surname Barnes, but far away in the list order.
There is no supporting information as yet found to place any of these adjoining names with the Reeve household.

Additional commentary
The Case household precedes this excerpt in the original list; The Windes household follows this excerpt.


1698 Census of Southold, NY

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