1736 Deed - Wiscassett Company to James Reves

1736 Deed - Wiscassett Company to James Reves

1736 Deed - Wiscassett Company to James Reves


Lincoln County, Maine
Deed Book 21, p145
3 Jun 1736


To all people unto whom these presents shall come Know ye that Jonas Clark & Thomas Hubbard Braisers Jonathan Loving currier, Joseph Hubbard Blacksmith and Moses Prince Mariner, all of Boston within the County of Suffolk and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England being a committee chosen by the Proprietors of a large tract of land lying at Sheepscutt River, within the County of York and Province aforesaid which Nicodehant Jucsememock & Tobias natives and sagamores of said sheepscutt River sold unto George Davie of said Sheepscutt River seaman sends greetings - whereas the said proprietors namely William Sepperell Elisha Geenifon Esq and Eliot Trost(?) yeoman assigns of Charlest Tivosk? Esq deceased and all of Kittery within said county of York Allice Clark widow Charles Trost and William Trost all of Newcastle within the Province of Newhampshire Job Lewis Esq Andrew Tyler and John Burl goldsmiths JAmes Halsey mathematical instrument maker, John Tyler brazier John Clarke apothecary Elias Dupee distiller Thomas Boylstone & Samuel Brigham shopkeepers Benjamin Pencerton(?) Samuel Waldo and George Bogers merchants Benjamin Hollowell shipwright Edward Gray shoemaker John Cockson gunsmith and Henry Lowell Blacksmith the heirs and assigns of Ebenezer Hough merchant deceased and all of Boston aforesaid and Samuel Dogget of Marshfield within the county of Plymouth and Province aforesaid & Ezekiel Chever of Charlestown within the County of Middlesex and Province aforesaid mariners together with the committee aforesaid being desirous to bring forward regular settlements on the aforesaid tract of land have agreed & concluded to give away forty hundred acres of the said land unto forty teaniaties(?) that shall appear to take up the same upon the conditions hereafter mentioned (as also and quater of an acre more in the house or home so to those that will build an house on the same) viz that each and every such settler that shall be admitted to take up a lot and settle on the same shall be and hereby are obliged to build a suitable dwelling house thereon and to inhabit the same for and during the term of seven years next after the building said house, and in case of being driven off by any war or rupture with the Enemy, then to return again as soon as such war or rupture ecaseth, and perform the full remaining part of the time above mentioned, and also the clear at the least one acre of the land in each of the seven years untill seven acres of the land be cleared fit for mowing or planting at or before the said seven years be expired as also to enclose the same with a good and lawful fence, and to pay the charge of surveying their repsective lots - Now know ye that James Reves of Damariscotta within the county of York labourer being admitted as a settler on said lands, we the said Jonas Clark Jonathan Loving Joseph Hubbard Thomas Hubbard and Moses Prince committee as aforesaid, for and in consideration that he the said James Reves have performed part of the conditions above mentioned by building a dwelling house on said lands viz, on lot number twelve, and have inhabited the same for this six months last past, and also has begun to clear and improve the land on said lot, and in consideration that he the said Reves does perform the remaining parts of the conditions above mentioned either by himself his heirs or substitutes, have given granted assigned released set over and confirmed and by these presnts as well for ourselves and each of us & our several and respective heirs executors and administrators as also for and on the behalf of the rest of the proprietors above mentioned & each of their heirs executors and administrators have given granted and by these presents do give grant bargain assign release set over and confirm unto him the said James Reves and unto his heirs and assigns forever the Lot No. twelve now in the said Reves's possession, bounded on the northeast on Lot No Eleven and on the south west by Lot No. thirteen, and on the southeast by Wiscassett Bay, being thirty five pereties(?) wide, the corner bound mark next Lot No eleven being standing by the Wester side marked & numbered No twelve and the corner Bound mark next Lot No thirteen being a Birch Tree marked and numbered No twelve so running from the above mentioned and Birch Tree Northwest until ninety acres of upland be compleasted exclusive of all meadow that may happen to be within the bounds of the said ninety acres of upland together with an equal proportion of all the meadow that may be found within the bounds of the township lines intended to be settled on Wiscasset and Monswegue Bay together with together with as much more land adjoining unto the said ninety acres of upland as will with the meadow together with the said ninety acres make up in the whole the sum of one hundred acres of land together with all the right and priviledges emoluments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining. To have and to hold the said bargained granted and sold premises with the appurtenances thereunto to belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him the said James Reves and unto his heirs and assigns forever as a good and sure estate in fee simple free and clear and freely & clearly acquitted and discharged of and from all and all manner of other and former grants leases releases mortgages sales entails, troubles & incumbrances whatsoever done or suffered to be done before the sealing and delivery of these presents and we the said Jonas Clark Jonathan Loving Joseph Hubbard Thomas Hubbard and Moses Prince Committee as above said in our said capacity do covenant grant and agree to and with the said James Reves his heirs executors and administrators to warrant and forever defend the given and granted premises with all its appurtenances against ourselves our heirs executors & administrators & also against all the above mentioned proprietors and their heirs executors & administrators and each of us and them, but of the said James Reves fail of performing the conditions above mentioned, this deed and every clause & article therein contained to be void and of none effect, any thing herein contained to the contrary not withstanding. In witness whereof we the said grantors committee as above described have hereunto set our hand and seals this third day of June 1736, and in the ninth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second over Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c Jonas Clark and a seal Thos Hubbard and a seal Jona. Loving & a seal, Joseph Hubbard and a seal, Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Cha ?arson Chris?Minot Suffolk Boston Sept 7th 1736 personally appeared ? Jonas Clark Jonathan Loving Joseph Hubbard & Thomas Hubbard and acknowledged the above instruments to be their act and deed before me
Saml Sewall J Peace
Recd November 5th 1787 and entered & examined by Tho Price Regr


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